Sitewarming Friday: Party with #LittleMusicLovers

Just in time for the holidays, Universal Music Classical has released a four CD set for children – Little Music Lovers.

What does music mean in your life? In the life of your child?

Some of my earliest memories are forever ingrained in my mind because of the music that accompanied them. My memories of my first trip to Walt Disney World are set to the music from the original Electric Light Parade. I will forever remember dance class and tapping my little cane to “Puttin‘ On The Ritz.” I can still feel myself doing back flips off of my parent’s piano bench where I sat to take lessons from the age of three.

My earliest memories as a parent are also framed by the music in my life: The music that played in the nursery during the precious moments that my preemie was allowed out of her incubator; the lullabies I sang to soothe her when she was colicky; the songs that we rock out to in those long afternoon hours.

Because of my life long love for music, one of the first things in my daughter’s room was an old tape player, and in my sons, the CD player from my classroom. Little Music Lovers is a welcome addition to the music parents love to share with their littlest loves. The music collections provide parents with an opportunity to introduce their babies and toddlers to the world around them by incorporating beautiful, thought-provoking music from the famous Decca catalog.

The musical pieces found in the Little Music Lovers collection were carefully selected for their melodic content, as well as their impact in enhancing early childhood development. Children will learn from the series, while parents can enjoy many hours of beautiful music.

Join us tomorrow, Friday the 20th, as we welcome Little Music Lovers to the important world of children’s music. We will share our own stories of the importance of music in our lives and the lives of our children. To join us please tweet with the hashtag #LittleMusicLovers from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST on Twitter. New to Twitter parties? Try for a cozy chat room feel.

How has music been pivotal in your life? How has music played a role in the lives of your kids?

And of course….there will be prizes!

1. Little Music Lovers CD’s

2. Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas – three winners

3. Sting’s If On a Winter’s Night three winners

To Enter to Win: Please take one or more of the following steps and then comment on this post.

1. Visit Little Music Lovers and come back and tell me your favorite song.

2. Subscribe to the Little Music Lovers newsletter. (bottom of the page at

3. Tweet using the hashtag #LittleMusicLovers during the event

4. Answer a trivia question during the event.

5. RSVP here.

RSVP: (you do not need to RSVP to participate)

This contest ends Friday, November 20th at 10:00 p.m. EST.
Written by: Amy

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