AT&T It Can Wait – Samsung Galaxy SIII Giveaway

I was a text messaging hold out.  I was dragged to my first smart phone kicking and screaming, and even once I could tweet from my phone, I still refused to text.  It wasn’t until one friend texted me the lyrics to the national anthem one line per text at twenty cents a pop that I finally gave in and added a texting plan to my cell phone contract.

But once I started texting, I immediately became addicted.

Remember something you forgot to tell your best friend on the phone?  Send a quick text!  Need to add something to the grocery list?  Text your husband!  Want to hire the babysitter for Saturday night?  Just send a text.

Even as a texting newb, I of course understood the dangers of texting and driving.  As a mom, I take safe driving very safely and abandoned my past daredevil driving practices the moment I installed my first car seat.  Yet I still found myself red light texting.

The bottom line is that whatever it is, whatever someone wants to tell you, whatever you want to share – It Can Wait.

I recently wrote about AT&T’s It Can Wait program in Raising Digital Families For Dummies (Wiley April 2013) while discussing the importance of mobile phone safety.  Currently more than one million people have pledged to put their phones down and focus on the road – yes, even at red lights.  

Are you ready to join them?  Are you willing to add No Texting and Driving to your New Year’s resolutions?

Still not sure?  Think you can text and drive safely?  Try AT&T’s Texting and Driving Simulator and see how you really do.

Need help?  Download AT&T’s DriveMode™ app, which allows you to drive without distractions.  Silence all notification sounds while driving and set auto-replies to let your friends and family know that you’re behind the wheel and unavailable.  DriveMode™ activates when you are traveling over 25 MPH so it does the work for you.

Still thinking? (Come on – you can do this!) Watch what your phone sees when you text and drive!


Ready to take the It Can Wait pledge and just need the right phone where you can download AT&T’s DriveMode™ and drive safely?

One Resourceful Mommy reader will win the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  With lightning fast 4G, this device was a welcome upgrade from previous Android™ powered phone.  The Samsung Galaxy SIII includes an 8MP built in camera, smart user interface, enhanced push-to-talk instant voice communications, and an amazing display.  One phone was provided to me for review and a second phone was provided for giveaway.

To enter to win, simply visit and take the pledge, then come back and comment below.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 and older and ends 2/4/13.

Written by: Amy

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