Rude Awakening

I am not a morning person.  Waking me up when I do not want to be awake is a bit like approaching a tiger as it is feasting on its prey.  Let’s just say that I’ve perfected hitting the offender without actually opening my eyes or rolling over. This morning about 6:30 my husband carefully approached and whispered, “The kids have a two hour delay.  I turned off the alarm.”  Apparently my four year old didn’t get the memo because about 7:15  I woke up to him simultaneously petting my head with one hand and the cat with the other.  I growled something about lying down and going back to sleep and that’s the last thing I remember.  Until…

The next thing I remember is waking up to the sound of barking, loud barking coming from the pillow next to me.  I rolled over to find a walkie-talkie, sound blasting from it, pulling me from my peaceful barking-free slumber.

I turned off the walkie-talkie and realized that my kids no longer need me to be awake when they are, but clearly hunger drove them to find some way to summon the monster from her lair.  A quick search of the upstairs led me to the kids, huddled inside this make-shift fort, the other walkie-talkie clutched in the hand of that restless four year old…

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  • I have totally trained my kids to at least make cereal on sleep in days!!!

    I love the dog barking noise.. totally worked eh?

    You got a 2 hour snow delay today?? I call that LUCKY. I’m with you. NOT a morning person. And living on the West Coast is Killing me, cuz every so often I need to talk to East Coasters early in the morning… 9AM for them?? Is WAY too early for me! 🙂

  • LOL. Gotta love that they entertained themselves for as long as they could though!

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  • Oh my gosh, too funny! I love how resourceful they were. 🙂

  • If my kid leaves a walkie-talkie beside nightstand, it better be because he’s in the kitchen waiting to take my coffee order!

  • So funny! I am definitely NOT a morning person, and my kids can pretty much get their breakfast and turn on the TV themselves now, thank goodness!

  • The rule in our house is… you can play video games on weekends & school delay days UNTIL MOM GETS UP. My kids make EVERY effort to keep me in bed- that includes bringing me coffee and the paper, and entertaining their sister! Try it out!

  • Pop tarts! It’s what’s for breakfast for those not able to make a bowl of cereal. Thankfully, our Pop tart days are over. Now to get the kids to clean up the messy, drippy cereal bowls.

    Today’s snow day was just what the kids wanted. My older two slept in while my youngest played in the snow. I spent the day trying to figure out how to get my work done. Tomorrow…no delayed opening!