Road Warrior Alliance {Giveaway}

My name is Amy, and I experience motion sickness.

I get woozy on cruises.

I sometimes can’t read on planes.

I need to sit by a window on Amtrak.

I get disoriented after too many video games.

And on road trips, oh boy, I need to be in the driver’s seat or else I’m in for a variety of symptoms from dizziness to nausea.

This summer I’m participating in the Dramamine® Road Warrior Alliance program to help educate readers about the causes, prevention, and treatment of motion sickness.  The fact is that while millions of people are affected by motion sickness, many don’t know how to treat it or do so with ineffective methods.  The Dramamine® Road Warrior Alliance site, found at, is meant to be a resource to all travelers suffering from motion sickness.  The site also includes expert travel tips and an area to request a free sample of Dramamine®.

As you may have guessed from my many travel related blog posts, I haven’t let being prone to experiencing motion sickness keep me home.  Instead, I’ve taken steps – such as sitting near windows and taking the wheel – to head motion sickness off at the pass.  I also don’t travel without Dramamine® handy in case it’s needed.  In some instances, like during train travel, I just need to take it on occasion.  On a cruise, however, it is my constant companion.

So why do some people feel the effects of motion sickness?

Motion sickness is caused when the brain receives conflicting messages from the body’s equilibrium senses.  Your inner ear, vision and sensory nerves work together to keep you balanced.  If one senses motion and another doesn’t, your brain gets mixed messages and this is when motion sickness occurs.  For example, my first meal on a cruise ended with me leaving the restaurant, too nauseous to eat.  My body felt like it was moving, but my eyes told me that I wasn’t.  The moment I made it to a porthole and saw the motion of the boat across the water, I experienced relief.  I ended up taking Dramamine® for the duration of that trip, and enjoyed many delicious meals in the days that followed.

What are some ways to manage motion sickness? Some helpful tips are to focus your eyes on a non-moving object, get fresh air, or snack on small, protein-packed meals to settle your stomach.  Dramamine® also provides a variety of products for kids to adults to get through even the shortest of road trips.


One Resourceful Mommy reader will win the following Dramamine® Road Warrior Alliance prize pack, which includes everything you need for a road trip (post updated):

  • Road trip prize pack will include a $50 Shell gas gift card, a copy of Colleen Lanin’s book: The Travel Mamas’ Guide and Dramamine products

To enter to win, simply leave a comment telling me where YOU would like to go on your next road trip!  One winner will be announced next week, and I’ll tell you about my family’s road trip to see a minor league baseball game…motion sickness free.


This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 or older and ends July 30th at 11:59 p.m. ET.  I am participating in a sponsored campaign for Dramamine® products in exchange for my participation.  The opinions stated here are my own.

Written by: Amy

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