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Where are the pictures you took of your toddler trying to give your baby a bottle? How about that shot of your first child crossing the stage at pre-school graduation?

Safely stored on your computer? Safely? Really?
If you’re like me you know just enough about computers to be dangerous. The fact of the matter is that even though working on the computer is my hobby, my lifeline, and my livelihood, I know very little about technology. If I woke up tomorrow and my computer didn’t start I would have no idea what to do. (knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder…)

I have just begun testing an online backup system called Mozy from Decho. When I see GB or SSL, I have no idea what it means. But I do understand that Mozy offers enough free online backup with MozyHome to protect 6,000 digital photos, 580 songs, or three CD’s worth of data….that last one still throws me off, but I get that the free back up will hold about 12 trips to Disney worth of pictures.

Here are the important facts:

  • The first time you backup your computer, it can take anywhere from hours to weeks. Most users can back up 3 to 10 GB per day.
  • MozyHome Unlimited costs $4.95 per month. If you purchase a one year contract, you’ll get one month for free.
  • Mozy doesn’t slow down your computer because it allows you to control how much of your computer is used during the process.
  • Mozy lets you control the security of your information by allowing you to select your data’s encryption method.
  • If something happens to your computer, Mozy offers several ways for you to restore your files.

I certainly feel better knowing that I’m taking the time to protect my work as well as my family treasures, all without the need to set up one more piece of confusing equipment.

Written by: Amy

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