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I have a confession. I’ve been cheating on you. I promise you my resourcefulness – it’s right there in the header – and then I go and give it to other readers.

The fact of the matter is that five days a week I write for other sites.

Please don’t take this personally! I share only my Child Development knowledge with the readers at Type-A Mom, so that’s not really giving them what I’ve promised you. And I only write for Blissfully Domestic a couple of times a month. It’s more of a social thing. I can stop any time I want. Really, I can!

But four times a week I was sharing resourceful tips at another site…and getting paid *gasp*!

For the past six months I have been the Chief Blogger at, a job that I love very much and which bought me my first new pair of jeans in a very long time. However, the fact of the matter is that I just don’t have time to keep that pace up, and I’m afraid that my blogging here will suffer. So as sad as it was to leave my first paying job in five years, today I resigned as Chief Blogger at Family Eden, effective the end of the month.

So get ready, people! Because I’ve got ideas in this head of mine, and now I’ve got less places to hide them. Grab your pen and paper – I’m about to get Resourceful!

Written by: Amy

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