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There has been a (somewhat heated) discussion recently – first in whispers and lately in shouts – regarding mommy bloggers, mom bloggers, product reviewers, marketing mavens…..whatever we all are. I strongly prefer to stay above the fray, below the radar, whatever you want to call it because at times getting involved in these debates causes unnecessary and unproductive anger and frustration. See my “I’m not angry anymore” post for my official response to all things Mommy Blogger Drama.

Also, and I could be wrong here, but I don’t believe that the majority of the people who visit this site are bloggers. I think you’re parents – both moms and dads – who like the occasional fun tip, product review, or great giveaway. Some of you are also bloggers, but you might not be one of those bloggers who jumps into these great blogging debates. So writing about these discussions may be boring or even alienating to my readers.
That said, there are some great points coming out of this mommy blogger discussion that apply very directly to my site. There has been a call for more clearly labeled disclosure policies for those of us who receive products to review. My disclosure policy is now and will continue to be right here on my front page. Scroll down any time to read it.

I have already been very honest regarding the products that I review. For example, if I’ve stumbled across something and feel like sharing that without actually having or being given the product, I’ll tell you that! If I’ve been given a product or service to review, I’ve always told you that as well. But to make it more clear, from now on you will see this image on all posts written about a product I have been given to review.

Another comment that hit home for me was the request that those of us identifying as “Mommy Bloggers” do a little more mommy blogging and a little less promoting of goods and services. As you know, I recently wrote a post about scaling back the giveaways I run because that is not meant to be the main focus of this site. And even more recently I actually quit my pro-blogging job so that I could focus on providing more meaningful and resourceful content to my Resourceful Mommy readers. But despite those changes, I continue to struggle with how to fit the Mommy into the Resourceful. I began this blog to not only share tips, but to share myself. My early posts clearly show that. I think that what has been holding me back is that navigation bar that you see below the Resourceful Mommy header. If I blog – really write a weblog entry – how will I label it? To blow past that wall that has been holding me back, I’ve created a new tab – Only Amy. You want to know who I am and what I think about when I’m not being resourceful? Click there. I hope that this is a welcome change. And if you’re here for the tips and tricks, perhaps you’ll stick around to get to know me as well?If you’ve got any questions or comments on my site, my policies, or this discussion, I’m happy to answer them! And thanks for reading. I value your time, and I hope that my changes reflect that.

Written by: Amy Lupold Bair

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