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Last week I had the pleasure and honor of joining a small group of bloggers for an online press conference with Thom Filicia. You may know Thom from his fabulous interior design work on the Emmy award winning show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as well as his show on the Style Network, Dress My Nest. Thom has also written a wonderful design book titled Thom Filicia Style, which he mentioned during his recent visit with the ladies at The View.

While on The View Thom revealed his fabulous makeover of the show’s previously dreary Green Room.

Photo Credit: ABC/Donna Svennevik

Photo Credit: ABC/Steve Fenn

Being the Resourceful Mommy, I spoke with Thom about the never ending battle of form versus function in my own home. We would all love to have beautiful pieces in our homes, but children’s things end up spreading through every room in the house, and we end up needing furniture that can only be equated to an “evening gown with pockets.”

While Thom had a good laugh at my analogy, he was unapologetic in his answer that this isn’t necessary. He believes, as do I, that children should be allowed in all rooms of the house, but…..they should know the proper behavior in each room just as they know their “inside voice” versus their “outside voice.” The children’s things don’t need to be in the “nice” living room, but they certainly can visit one or two toys at a time if proper behavior rules are followed.

Thom wasn’t up for swinging by my place to explain the new rules to the kids, but we moved forward with his advice anyway. This is my stay-at-home mom attempt at a formal living room:

The couch is certainly kid friendly, but I don’t like the kids bouncing around on those cute pillows – the only nice pillows in my entire home. And then there’s the antique rocking chair, complete with the area warn away on the armrests from use by my grandfather. The cradle that you see near the piano has been used by several generations of my husband’s family and the piano, well, you can imagine that the piano is not kid friendly in the least.

What we decided to do was make the living room the library book room. When the children want to spend time in that room, we spend that time reading books. This ensures calm enjoyment of the room and serves a dual and far more important to our lives purpose – it keeps the library books separate from the hundreds of other children’s books throughout every room of our home! When we come home from the library we simply place our library bag in its spot in the living room. The room has a purpose, the books have a home, and everyone is happy!

If you’ve found way to have a nice space in your home and allow your kids to travel freely throughout the house, please share your ideas here in the comments section!

If you don’t have a nice room in your house… would you like one for free?

Kimberly-Clark and The View have teamed up for a fabulous Room-a-Day Giveaway! Be sure to enter now to be one of 16 grand prize winners who will each receive $25,000 to remodel a room in their home! And while you’re there, take a moment and check out Thom’s Room-a-Day blog.

Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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