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Summer is almost here, and like every other parent, I’ve already begun to think of ways to entertain my family without breaking the bank.  There will be a couple of days at the lake with my parents, frequent trips to the park, time at the community pool, and some morning camps.  Rayovac knows that parents are trying to make summer fun on a budget, and they’re powering up an opportunity to do just that with their Six Flags Sweepstakes.  Now through May 30th, visit Rayovac’s Facebook page to enter for a chance to win a Family Fun Pack, which includes 4 general admission tickets, a regular Flash Pass for 4, one Family Meal Pack along with free parking to a location of the winner’s choice!

While you’re out and about this summer everywhere from your local playground to your day at Six Flags, stay charged up with Rayovac’s newest Portable Power product, the keychain On-The-Go Charger.  You can use the On-The-Go Charger to keep your Apple or micro-USB device charged.  Just put the charger in your purse or on your keychain and you’ve got a recharging opportunity at your finger tips.  Each On-The-Go Charger includes the following:

  • Includes 2 adaptors: detachable micro-USB and built-in apple device connector
  • Powerful 400mA Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • Charge your device for an additional 45 minutes of additional talk time
  • Use and recharge 100s of times
  • Holds a charge up to 12 months
  • LED light indicates charging
  • Keychain attached for a portable and convenient instant power solution
  • No cords needed

Embarrassingly, I am the queen of the dead cell phone.  My phone of choice does not have a very long-lasting battery, and I use my phone throughout the day to do everything from tweet to email to text to take client phone calls.  During the summer my phone is my lifeline when I am out with the kids, calling ahead to restaurants, searching for driving directions, texting to plan park playdates.  The On-The-Go Charger is now happily situated on my keychain, ready to save me from that sad moment when the last little bit of battery disappears and my phone screen turns black.

Enter to Win

Not only can Resourceful Mommy readers enter to win the Rayovac Six Flags Sweepstakes on Rayovac’s Facebook page, but one reader will receive a four pack of Six Flags tickets from me!  To enter to win, tell me what you do to keep your family powered up this summer, charged and ready for fun.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends Monday, May 21st at 11:59 p.m. ET.  I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.  As part of this program I have received product and monetary compensation.

Written by: Amy

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  • Shannon S

    I always leave home with bottled water and snacks and a fully charged cell phone..I also keep extra towels in the car just in case.

  • My kids seem to recharge their batteries if they spend at least a couple hours outside. The pool, the yard, the park…no need for fancy. But I learned the hard way last summer that those fun “movie marathon days” while I had a newborn made for energy-zapped kiddos.

  • Cindi

    Throughout the year, I am on the lookout for ideas for
    our family to have fun and learn throughout the summer
    months! This includes; researching nearby State Parks,
    Children’s Museums, Fairs and Festivals, etc.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • Jennifer Marie

    We make sure to have healthy snacks on board and plenty of sleep.

  • Annette D

    We plan ahead and make sure that we have everything that we need for our outings. We are looking forward to attending a Beach Boys concert next month!

  • Tabathia B

    I try to take them to the park on a daily basis and on nature walks
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Blair Roden

    I make sure my kids get a good nights rest, drink lots of water, and eat a variety of healthy foods through out the day!

  • Alan Tong

    Getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated keeps everyone happy and energized during the hot summer months! Thanks!

  • Cindy C.

    We visit the park and pool all while drinking plenty of water and healthy snacks to keep us energized.

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    I always have to make sure I’m stocked up on Rayovac AA batteries. For all the toys, tv remotes and game controllers.

  • Claire

    We are looking forward to attending a Beach Boys concert next month! We plan ahead and make sure that we have everything that we need for our outings.

  • I try to plan ahead for long trips and have a couple of extra fun days for rainy days like bowling, movies or ice skating!

  • Nenette Seaux

    Healthy snacks!

  • Patricia H

    A good nights rest and breakfast everyday and make suer they spend time outdoors and not on the computer and in front of tv.

  • Outdoor play seems to be the way for us. It forces me to step away from my phone (for a bit, that is), sneak in a bit of exercise and wears my son down. After a bite to eat, he’s ready for a nap. Once he wakes up, the cycle repeats itself. I figure out the fun as we go!

  • I keep an extra battery in my camera bag. Don’t what that to power down!

  • Sarah VM

    I always keep extra batteries for my camera and a charger for my phone so I’m always powered up and ready! My kids also have extra batteries for their electronics.

  • Ella

    It forces me to step away from my phone (for a bit, that is), sneak in a bit of exercise and wears my son down.

  • We drink lots of water and take naps (yes, we ALL need them)!!

    PS: I need that phone charger – so now I am off to locate one! 😀

  • Sherry Fowler

    I make they stay hydrated and energized with fresh fruit and veggies

  • nannypanpan

    i keep extra juice boxes, and balls in the car for spur of the moment trips to the park

  • We keep our family charged up by eating healthy meals and getting plenty of exercise–we stay in good shape so we’ll have energy for adventures!

  • ria

    keep them rested, hydrated and have the snacks ready

  • Julia Davis

    The kids and I are going to do mommy and me yoga this summer – that should keep us charged up.

  • we make sure we’ve got our most comfortable shoes, and to always always stay hydrated, that means lots of juice, h2o, frozen juice cubes, etc.. 😉

  • We def stay hydrated! Thankfully we are BIG water drinkers in our home and we always pack some healthy snacks.

    Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway! This would make for a great weekend trip for our family to either Arlington or San Antonio when we move to Texas this summer.

  • I make sure we eat well and take our vitamins.

  • Oanh

    I make sure we eat more vegetables in the summer. It’s easier now since we can grow some of the veggies in the backyard. I bring fruit salads and lots of water in the car whenever we travel far too.

  • I make sure my kids have a super smoothie every day – juice, fruit, green powder, probiotic powder, raw zucchini and another veggie! (If you’re putting in green stuff, also put in frozen blueberries – it’ll mask the color! ) That keeps them healthy and energetic!

  • Anne Lehnick

    We have plenty of healthy snacks, water, and sunscreen with us as we head out to play. And we make sure there’s lots of quality rest time in our day, too.

  • Tons of water! We also double up on fruits and veggies and while we are out, we have snacks like raisins, dried fruits, and nuts to keep us energized.

  • We keep the family charged up by having healthy snacks on hand, drinking plenty of water, and by getting plenty of exercise by swimming, taking family walks, and going on family bike rides. I also keep my kids charged by playing fun active games on the wii and by having a drawer full of batteries so the fun doesn’t have to end. Thank you for the chance! Six Flags sounds sooo fun!!

  • I make sure we have plenty of fruits and water in the fridge, and also keep them on schedule with their sleep so they wake up feeling great!

  • Ashley Hughes

    We keep charged with fruit, yogurts, and oat granola! And we all keep hydrated with Brita water bottles so we can fill them up anywhere and drink clean water. And we all get plenty of sleep and down time. But we all love to go to daddy’s softball games 🙂

  • Christine W

    I keep healthy snacks ready for on the go…our favorite is baby carrots. Thanks for the chance!

  • I keep my family charged with trail mix, nuts, water,plenty of fruits and their daily Multi Vitamin!

  • Keeping everyone charged up with water, water, water and lots of watermelon! Getting out side enjoying the sunshine keeps everyone energized and ready to play.

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