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What have you done as a parent to convince your kids to do something they didn’t want to do?  Their homework, potty training, eating their dinner, coming in from the playset, going to bed…  I offered my son both a trip to Walt Disney World and a puppy – a real one – to get him to pee on the potty, and he looked me square in the eye to reply, “No fanks, Mama.”

Ragu recently launched “Ragu Asks” with a series of over-the-top videos laughing with moms at all of the crazy things we do to get the kids to eat!  This is my favorite…check it out:

Now Ragu wants to hear from you and I’ve got the giveaway to prove it!

One Resourceful Mommy reader will win a $50 American Express Gift Card.  To enter to win, simply tell Ragu on Facebook your funny parenting stories then come back here and comment answering this question – “What’s the wackiest thing you’ve ever done to get your kids to eat?”

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18+ and ends Wednesday, March 14th at 11:59 p.m. ET.  This giveaway was provided as part of the Moms the Word on Dinner ambassador program.



Written by: Amy

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  • steph

    for the kids i’ve nannied, i’ve let them completely recreate dinner outside on the lawn so they’d eat!

  • LOL! I LOVE that video!

    The craziest thing I’ve done is make airplane noises. I know, it’s not over the top. But, I figure if they are hungry, they will eat.

  • Becky

    We have always struggled to get my son to eat. He would go days without food if we’d let him. When he was a toddler he loved to pretend he was a dog. So for a long time that’s the only way we got him to eat. He’d crawl around like a puppy – we’d say speak, roll over, sit …………. his puppy reward was food.

  • I try to reward with something.. I think spagetti with ragu sounds good for dinner tonight..

  • I’ll try to sneak in pureed vegetables into different dishes.

  • Mami2jcn

    The wackiest thing we ever did was tell our son that the police were coming to take him to kid jail if he didn’t eat his food. It worked, but we never used that ploy again. We were desperate.

    I commented on the Ragu FB wall with my username Mary Happymommy–https://www.facebook.com/ragusauce/posts/10151341046770468

  • Jessie C.

    I sneak beans into smoothies and homemade popsicles
    Commented on Ragu’s wall- Jessie C.

  • Julie

    my youngest is a terrible eater. we pretend we are different animals and eat like that animal would. (only when we are desperate for him to eat, lol)

  • I don’t think I’ve ever done anything wacky to get my kids to eat (good eaters), but I have done some ridiculous stunts to distract my littlest one from stuffing his mouth too full of food. He cries if I try to stop him from cramming, and then chokes on the food while he’s crying. And then I have to dig the food out of the back of his mouth before he sucks it down. So he gets even madder at me. ugh.

    Stressful times, so I sing to him and play hide and seek under the table, and make the most ridiculous faces to distract him from the fact that he only has one little bite in front of him at a time. I think that would probably work to get a kid to put food in his face, too.

  • anash

    the wackiest thing is probably telling them they will go to bed hungry and actually following through on it once! geesh
    Thanks for a super giveaway!

  • Janet W.

    I told my wacky story on facebook on their wall – Janet Watson


    The wackiest thing we do is we all do the “airplane” to ourselves to make our grandson want to pick up his fork and do it, too!

  • Nancy

    To get my kid to eat, I artistically arranged the food on the plate to make a picture.

  • Lizzy

    I like them on facebook, and wrote on their wall. The wackiest thing I do to get my kids to eat is to sing silly songs. It might not sound wacky, but if you heard me sing you would agree (lol).

  • anne hill

    my wackiest thing i’ve done to get my kids to eat is telling my kids that veggies are the trees & landscape of another planet where small creatures live & we are extra special to get them to eat

  • mom4everever

    put a noodle through my nose- no they did not eat but everyone can do

  • Shannon S

    left comment on FB and I actually put on the music and shook my booty to show them how much energy spinach can give you…no dice

  • Andrea D.

    I have had my son rubbed spaghetti sauce all over his hair and used it like moisturizer on his face. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • I think my personal pride has been thrown out the window around meal times. I will do just about anything to get my kiddos to eat their food. From fun edible works of art, to dancing and silly faces.. we generally end up wearing more of our dinner than we eat, but it is worth the work!

  • Elena

    My child doesn’t like fish, so I told him it was chicken and he believed me. I commented on Ragu’s wall:https://www.facebook.com/ragusauce#!/ragusauce/posts/10151343804120468?comment_id=30807566

  • let them eat with their hands! Fun!! @littleislandstu

  • HappyMomC

    The wackiest thing I’ve ever done is tell stories and pretend to be characters in the story…they get all immersed and question me while I’m getting them to eat!

  • Not too wacky but they can plate their food how they want..broccoli in the mashed taters for trees, pretzel sticks for a fence, etc.

  • I told ny son a tomato was a cherry just to get him to try it. He figured it out pretty quick once it was in his mouth 🙂

  • ellen

    I am a gardener and have found if you let kids pick seeds/plants out and plant them they will not only eat them but can also learn to share the harvest (plus they are closer to the ground and can pull weeds better)
    ((on FB)

    Not so whacky but it works!

  • Jessica F

    I put cheese on EVERYTHING so that they’ll eat it!

  • Jessica P

    The wackiest thing I have ever done to get my daughter to eat her vegetables was dress up as Broccoli People with my husband. We basically wore green shirts and pants with big broccoli hats made from green Easter grass. Strange but it actually worked after we danced around for a good 20 minutes!

  • kjasus

    we make bets on who can eat more: the kids or mom and dad

  • Annmarie W.

    The wackiest thing I’ve done is sent the dinner that I cooked over to my son’s friend’s house (but he didn’t know). He’ll eat anything his friend’s mom serves. So he ate his dinner & said how much he loved it…then we let him know that it was actually the EXACT same thing he refused to eat at home!

  • Sadie

    We have made fun themes for dinner. Kids love to eat dressed up as princesses.

  • AmyK

    I am not above singing, telling funny stories, feeding Dad to get a giggle and bribery 🙂 (I find that letting her help fix the meal encourages her to eat it though)

  • not too much wacky things we have tried, but letting the kids figure out if they like certain foods on their own helps let them feel like they are deciding. My kids seem to like foods I am not fond of, but they are still healty foods they like.

  • Patricia

    I don’t think I have done anything too crazy to get them to eat. I do like to make them laugh by doing a silly dance for them…sometimes I use this to get them to try new foods.

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