Please Pardon My Dust

(photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography)

One of my favorite songs in college was Ani DiFranco’s 32 Flavors. I have always loved the idea of being many things to many different people. Right now I am a mom, a marketing business owner, a Twitter addict, a loving wife, and among many other things…a blogger. I am not a technically savvy person, but there is something so gratifying about tooling around with my own blog, hacking away at code, creating graphics using Paint and Picnik.

This is my blog – where I write about parenting, answer reader questions, pass on some Disney travel tips, and comment about my life. And when I want to change the way this blog looks, I try to do it myself.

But as you can see right now, this is not my strongest flavor. So please…pardon my dust. I’m just having a little fun. 🙂
Written by: Amy

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