PlatePals Review

Nearly every product that I review has been offered to me either by the company owner or a member of their PR team. The exciting opportunities that come my way are quite enough to keep my schedule full, and already I feel bad about great products that I simply do not have time to spotlight.

That said, every now and then I notice a product on Twitter and ask to find out more information. This is exactly what happened in the case of Plate Pals. I watched a conversation unfold between @PlatePals4You and some of her followers regarding what a Plate Pal is and what it does. I tweeted my excitement about the product idea and was immediately offered a Plate Pal to review, which I accepted.

The concept is simple, yet also simply resourceful. Users remove their current switch plate and replace it with the Plate Pal. There are no wires to connect, no complicated installation instructions to follow. Once your Plate Pal is mounted on the wall it immediately begins to monitor the temperature and relative humidity in the room.Why do you need to know the temperature and relative humidity of your rooms?

Not long after moving into our home five years ago, we noticed strange occurrences in our master bath. At times the drywall next to the shower appeared moist, but we could not find a leak in the shower door frame. Over the next couple of years I began to notice discoloration on the walls above the shower. Soon there were loose tiles on the floor around the toilet. Around this time I decided to investigate further and poke around the outside walls of our master closet, which is inside the bathroom. What I found horrified me. The farthest recesses of my closet where my winter clothes hung, unused, were covered with a whitish-blue powder. Mold. It was everywhere. Velvet items had to be thrown away, dozens of items were sent to the dry cleaner, leather shoes – destroyed. We spent every day in that house – myself, my pre-schooler, and my infant – with mold growing around us.
The end result?

This is a picture of my master bathroom in the process of being completely gutted, literally to the studs.

Plate Pals will not control problems you may have in your home with moisture or temperature control. However, the first step to wage the battle for a safer, more comfortable home for your family is information. I love that with the Plate Pal I know if I need to run the exhaust fan for a longer period of time, buy drying agents to hang in my closet, or even adjust the vents throughout my home to control the temperature.

I absolutely give the Plate Pal a thumbs up for being resourceful and will most likely purchase more Plate Pals to place around my home.

You’ll like this if…you have difficulty controlling the temperature differences in your house or you have concerns about humidity in particular rooms.

This may not be for you if…you do not use climate control in your home such as central air or heat and instead cool and heat room by room.

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