Philips Norelco Gift-Giving Twitter Party

As much as I love the holidays, I’ll admit that buying gifts for the men in my life can be incredibly stressful.  I would guess that many of the men reading this would also say that receiving gifts from their wives can be stressful!  No one likes that awkward moment before “Thanks for the tie, honey!”  Join us – two dads and a mom – for the #ShaveExperts party with @ShaveExperts from Philips Norelco to chat about gift ideas for the men in your life and men, how to ask for what you really want this holiday season. And with nearly $1500 in prizes, some of you won’t have to buy a gift this holiday season! Bring your spouse and join me at the…

Philips Norelco Gift-Giving Twitter Party

When: Monday, November 21st from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #shaveexperts tag on Twitter

How: Follow sponsor @shaveexperts as well as hosts @ResourcefulMom, @dadarocks, and @DadStreet


Retail value of the packs are as follows:

  • Prizes 1-3: Hair Clipper Gift Pack: $120
  • Prizes 4-6: Vacuum Trimmer Gift Pack: ARV $140
  • Prizes 8-9: SensoTouch 3D Gift Pack: ARV $350


Planning on joining us? Let us know by adding your Twitter name and URL below (ex. @ResourcefulMom,

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  • Amy Brown

    My hubby will love to join with me

  • excellent!

  • Shannon Schleif

    can’t wait…my husband actually cuts his and my son’s hair himself..this would be great for us!

  • Yuko

    I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

  • @AgitatedMama

    See you then!

  • Diana Smith Hill

    Hubby would love this under the tree! Thx for the party!

  • mom4everever

    will be there

  • DawnM

    Really looking forward to this party!

  • Cindy H

    Can’t wait to party with you all! @lifeonprint Count me in!

  • Marie Leclerc

    Sounds like fun!

  • I’ll be there! Sounds so great! Thanks! @dtubbs201 #shaveexperts

  • Dana Esker

    Can’t wait @esker3

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  • JoeyfromSC

    I LOVE their products and really need a new pair of clippers..I buzz my own hair hehe;)


  • @lillykitty123

    Party hardy!!!

  • Krissy T

    What a fun party! The hubby swears by his Norelco. Can’t wait 🙂


  • Mary Kennedy

    I am excited to talk about grooming! @mrsmarykennedy

  • see you tomorrow!

  • Eileen

    Dad, 5 brothers, hubby and now two sons using Norelco products for many years. For the love of GOD, I hope to win something for my hubby, he does the NO Shave NOVEMBER for deer hunting season here in Wisconsin. Icky. No kisses for him til Philips Norelco helps me get RID of those whiskers!;)

    I also cut my son’s and hubby’s hair and ours is 15 years old and ‘pulls” their hair, so holding out to try that clippers! thanks!

  • Laura V.

    Great party!

  • Can’t wait. My hubby could and would use any of these!!!

  • @Sticemichelle

    I will be there

  • Julie Sharwtz

    cant wait to party @waterbluffy

  • Tammera Widell

    Looking Forward to the Party 🙂 Thank You for the Newsletters 🙂
    #shaveexperts See you tomorrow 🙂

  • OOPS!! you know Tooth Fairy is ME @toothfairycyber my twitterparty linky isn’t showing that …sorry

  • Jeremy

    A twitter party with ALL manly prizes? Count me in! @bikeohio

  • lisa

    this would cut down my shopping tremendously! @cestallion

  • perfect Christmas present. can’t wait!

  • pintworks


  • kimberly velkovski

    another fun party! @kmelito

  • Sherri Jones

    Sounds fun.

  • AWESOME! I will be there!

  • Cool always interested in learning about new products.

  • John worley

    I can’t wait till party time!!!!

  • So awesome! looking forward to this! Really need it 🙂

  • Janet

    Looking forward to this party in particular.

  • Can’t wait! This party is going to be a blast!! 😀

  • Patty Smith

    I am looking forward to the party!

  • @hzeh818 Heather Zeh

    lukcy number 100?

  • Kay (@ACSKay)

    Always a great party!

  • Louis

    signed up @left_the_stars

  • We could really use the hair clippers!! Ours just broke a couple days ago. I cut all three boys hair so these are a must have!!!

  • Sara / NJMomCooks

    Having two sons & being married to a former US Marine who always has to keep his shave perfect & his hair cut fresh, having great clippers & shavers is a must!! Ours is on its last legs.

  • RSVP to tonights Party!


  • Monica young

    What a great party is going to be

  • addrienne mertens

    nice gifts for the hunny!

  • Toni B

    Can’t wait to party tonight! #shaveexperts

  • Just what we needed! My husband’s gear is dying!

  • been outa the loop for a min, but im hittin the ground runnin now, so excited about tonight!!!

  • laura McCollister

    @lmmccollister Ready to chat

  • I’ll be there!


  • following_ivy

    I’m so excited ! I love twitter parties

  • Katy

    Can’t wait!

  • buttmuffin

    see ya there people

  • Marla Zickefoose

    will be there @SavingUGreenMom

  • @babypyo

    yay!! @babypyo

  • Mike

    see you all at 8!

  • here is the correct link to my twitter!

  • Marie Chouest

    Ready for an awesome party!!


    Cant wait for the party! @Lucinda574

  • Cammi Hevener

    Wow! I am in Vegas but hoping to participate anyway! Sounds great!

  • @tinkerkatie

    hoping to win for hubby!

  • Paula Pawlak

    Yay looking forward to it @PaulinaChills

  • D. Vargas

    Can’t wait for the party!

  • julie

    My husb def could use one of these! I’m sure it’ll be a fun party like usual.

  • gus campanario

    psyched for this one!

  • turq

    RSVP @turq101 will be there

  • Kelly Ruiz

    Looking forward to the party!

  • Ivan92116

    Looking forward to it.

  • Erin

    Sounds like fun!!!

  • Angela D

    Looking forward to a great party!

  • Cheryl W

    can’t wait for the party!

  • RSP Freshbananas 😀

  • Debbie

    1st time doing a twitter party. what do we do?

  • Leah


  • Amy Hemphill

    Super excited for tonight!

  • As a dad and bearded-American, I know the importance of well-kept facial hair.

  • Cindy Procter

    Great party

  • Alicia

    @mutantleash will be there!

  • Rachel B.

    Late to the party but Im catching the last half!

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