#pbskids Twitter Party

In an online survey of parents with children ages 12 and younger, 49 percent reported plans to give their kids electronic gifts such as cell phones, smartphones, computers and tablets for the holidays this year.  These platforms offer a wide array of mobile apps that can have great learning potential, but before kids “power up,” what do parents need to know?

Kid Tech 101 Twitter Party sponsored by PBS KIDS

When: Wednesday, December 8th from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET

Where: #pbskids tag on Twitter

How: To participate be sure to follow @PBSKIDS as well as me at @ResourcefulMom and use the #pbskids tag in all of your tweets

We hope you’ll join us as we chat with expert Sara DeWitt, Vice President of PBS KIDS Interactive as well as Linda Simensky, VP of children’s programming.  We’ll also have tons of great PBS KIDS  gear to share with some lucky tweeps chosen at random from those participating, including totes, tees, and more!  There will also be producers and other experts joining, like Christine Zanchi, one of the leads of the Martha Speaks Dog Party app, and one of the leads of the new Design Squad Nation website, Dave Peth.


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