Party Tonight! Get Your Questions Ready

Are you ready for tonight’s #music4good party from 9 to 10 p.m. eastern on Twitter?

We will be tweeting with @DianeBirch – the brilliant artist behind bible belt – as well as @steviegpro the album’s producer and CEO of the record label.

And don’t forget @BarbaraJones the CEO of One2One Network whose brilliant widget campaign is helping music lovers discover Diane and donate to great causes.

What questions do you have for Diane? Would you like to know more about her music? Or maybe you’d like to hear about her time growing up in Zimbabwe? Learn more about Diane by reading her bio.

To learn more about the Discover & Donate campaign and to RSVP to tonight’s party, check out the #music4good party post.

To be sure that Diane and Steve hear your question tonight, post it here as a post comment.

See you tonight!

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