Party Follow-Up

I received an e-mail this morning from a reader asking how the parties went this weekend. She was out of town for a wedding and was sad that she had missed the events.

And then it dawned on me. Maybe more of you would like to know how the parties went!

Friday night we SiteWarmed Diane Birch’s Discover & Donate campaign, which asks music lovers to discover this great new artist while donating money to their favorite charity. I chose the March of Dimes, and you can find my campaign widget in my left side bar. You can grab your own widget for your blog or Facebook page here:

We had a great time chatting with Diane Birch who told us about her unique upbringing in Zimbabwe as well as some of the great experiences she’s had so far as a recording artist. We also gave away some great prizes! Congratulations to the night’s winners: @Susieqtpie, @lizzydear, @IamKeonte, @AlyssaFrancis, @brilliantmoms, @googoobuybuy, and @KelliRaeL – who won an iPod Shuffle!

You can still enter to win the iPod Nano!!! The iPod Nano Grand Prize contest ends Monday 11:59 p.m. eastern and you can read the details for how to enter here.

Saturday night we learned all about Silkfair, the one-stop place for online stores of all kinds: homemade, vintage, electronics, re-sale, crafting, beading, etc. Some current Ebay store owners are excited about the idea of opening up a store with a different fee structure, and everyone benefited from having @Silkfair there to answer any questions about the site.

Congrats to the winners from the night! @hottmomma_03, @susieqtpie, Jess, Ellie from “Ellie’s Crazy Life,” @Shopaholic_Mama, @twincere and watch for new custom stores from winners @lisasamples, @polopony95, @cutestkidever, @RantRaveRoll, @quelleheure4, @simplyandreah, @bluefroggie, @knitpurlgurl, @HeatherSolos, and @EricaMueller!
Written by: Amy

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