Owning My Mornings

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I am a creature of habit. In first grade I carried the same lunch in my yellow Cabbage Patch Kid lunchbox every day: a sandwich with American cheese and yellow mustard, a thermos full of apple juice. Various lunches cycled through my school routine over the years – from salads with peppercorn ranch dressing to variations on that bizarre sandwich – but each meal idea would stick around for months at a time before being replaced with the new standard.

Breakfasts have always been an even bigger challenge because not only do I get in that creature-of-habit rut, but I simply don’t take the time to make nutritious decisions to start my day. Confession: Every day for the last decade(s) or so, I begin my day with a meal replacement bar and a diet soda. No, really. While I’m serving my children organic 1% milk and whole grain cereal with fresh fruit, I’m kicking my day off with an unhealthy dose of carbonated caffeine and a list of ingredients that I cannot pronounce.

A couple weeks ago I received an email asking me if I would be willing to try a new breakfast option. Obviously my mornings needed some help and I couldn’t help wondering if they somehow knew about my bad breakfast behavior. What really caught my eye, however, was that the breakfast replacement idea included Greek yogurt. Three years ago I worked hard to lose thirty pounds, and one of the discoveries I made on that journey was that my day did not include enough protein. Greek yogurt became an important source of that much needed protein, but like all of my meal ruts, I eventually slipped out of the habit of enjoying a cup with each lunch. Greek yogurt at breakfast to start my day off right? It was worth a try!

In a quest to “own my mornings” like the offer implored me to do, I switched up my normal frat boy breakfast routine with Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits and Yoplait Greek. 


Now it turns out that much more creative people than myself (see food rut stories above) have found delicious ways to pair these two items to create delicious breakfast options. More on that in just a moment, but first, let me show you what I did so that this high protein, whole grain breakfast idea fit easily into my mornings filled with getting kids ready for school and walking a precocious puppy.

Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits and Yoplait Greek 2

I used this glass bowl because it looks nice in this post, but here’s a tip – there’s room to do this right there in the Yoplait container! Easy!

In my quest to “own my morning” and take control of my nutrition, I broke up a Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuit into a Yoplait Greek, both blueberry. It turns out that this morning breakfast routine is just as easy as my previous one, but this new way to start my day tastes better and is much better for me. Now when I take Winnie the wonder pup on her morning walk, I’m powered by 26 grams of whole grain and 11 grams of protein. Want more ideas on how to own your morning with Yoplait and Nature Valley? Check it out:

Nature Valley and Yoplait Greek

Clearly the folks at Nature Valley and Yoplait Greek have some incredible ideas about how to own your breakfast, and I for one can’t wait to try the freeze and go idea. That would be perfect on my morning walks! Make sure to connect with these smart cookies to learn more about ways to own your breakfast and find special offers. You can find Yoplait on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and don’t miss Nature Valley on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well.

So which delicious mornings made easy idea will you try?

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  • I love the “freeze & go” idea, and I need to go to the store. So I will look for the Breakfast Biscuits to see if they are available in my area yet! I already buy the yogurt! Thanks, great post!