Our Experience with the UnPlugNPlay Challenge


When I agreed to have my family participate in the UnPlugNPlay Challenge with Killerspin, I had no idea that the weather would play such an important role in our experience.

To refresh your memory, back in January we began this challenge from Killerspin, the world’s only luxury table tennis experience brand, producers of highly designed table tennis products that allow families to connect while playing table tennis. The purpose of the UnPlugNPlay Challenge went beyond simply unplugging. Killerspin added an opportunity for family and friends to connect while being active and spending time together playing and moving.

We received our MyT Wild table, paddles, and balls just as the biggest snow storm on record was moving in to the Washington, D.C. metro area. It was the perfect antidote to cabin fever as we hunkered down for several days.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that our record snowfall would be followed by non-stop rain. The D.C. area continued a record shattering 2016 by having the wettest spring ever, with weeks and weeks of rain and storms that kept us stuck inside the house. Once the snow melts each spring, my son typically heads outside to play basketball every chance he gets, but with what seemed like a drippy faucet poised above our heads, playing outside just wasn’t an option most days. I never could have anticipated at the start of the challenge what a blessing it would be to be able to head to the basement for some table tennis play when it was time to unplug and get moving.

So now that we’ve arrived at the end of the challenge, what did we think of Killerspin’s products as an addition to our home and to our family routine?

The short answer? We loved it.

More specifically, we loved the following:

The entire family is able to enjoy our Killerspin MyT Wild table.

Killerspin Multi Generational

I took this collection of photos during spring break while family was visiting from out of town. Not only do we love playing together, but my parents joined in the fun. I love that table tennis is an activity that works for everyone from grandparents to grandkids. My father is having a hip replacement later this summer, and he’s already smack talking about coming back stronger the next time they visit!

The Killerspin MyT Wild table allows for single player play.

My son is ten years old, my daughter is twelve, and while they get along better than many if not most sibling sets, this is a conversation I overhear with some regularity:

“Hey Emma, want to do something together? Play Risk? Wii? Catan? Ping pong?”

“No thanks, Noah. I’m reading a good book.”

For those moments when I can’t jump in and play with Noah, I love having the option to suggest that he practice ping pong alone. And the set up? It takes only moments.

The Killerspin MyT Wild table is comprised of two segments, held together at the center with a high quality net. When a member of the family wants to practice alone, they simply unclip the net and turn one half of the table into a backboard.

Killerspin MyT Wild

Each half of the table folds up into a standing position with such ease that my kids are able to do it on their own. Once in place, the wheels lock easily for stability and a clip holds the table in the upright position. It is seriously that simple.

Killerspin MyT Wild 20160528_132007

The Killerspin MyT Wild table can be played indoors or outdoors.

Okay, so let me be the first to admit that I wasn’t sure about this taking the ping pong table outside thing. It sounded like a fun feature in theory, but keep in mind that the table arrived during snowpocalypse. The idea of doing anything outside other than shoveling my way to freedom seemed like a pipe dream.

But check this out.

killerspin outside

Remember when we were kids and our parents would tell us to go outside and play? I get to tell my kids to go outside and play ping pong. How cool is that?!? Our flagstone patio under our deck is a perfect location for the table, which I was able to move into place and set up completely on my own thanks to the fold up feature and the large wheels. The family dog isn’t so sure if this game is supposed to involve her or not, but we’re hoping to train her to retrieve the rogue ping pong balls from the flower bed.

Outdoor table tennis? Kid-approved!

killerspin outside 2

In the end, we’re all so glad that we said yes to this challenge from Killerspin. It meant rearranging an area of our basement and preparing to become a home with a ping pong table, but it also meant more family time, more time unplugged, and more time up and moving…TOGETHER.

Thank you, Killerspin!

Disclosure: This post is part of Killerspin’s #UnPlugNPlay campaign. Product was provided. No other compensation was provided, and all opinions are my own.

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  • Love that it’s possible to play solo – and how fun to play outside! Most importantly, hooray for more time together and unplugged!