One Weekend, Two Parties, Tons of Fun!

This weekend Resourceful Mommy will be SiteWarming two wonderful sites:

Friday night we are welcoming a new site, MOM e o, an online resource unlike any other for Mompreneurs. Focused on the three core goals of improving work life, family life, and helping moms find a balance as well as time for themselves, Carla Young’s MOM e o launched in Beta form this week and is looking for feedback to grow into a site that mompreneurs like myself can utilize to its fullest potential! Resources will include an opportunity to build an online community of mompreneurs as well as access to expert advice, e-commerce tools, and an online MOM e o magazine – available in downloadable audio form for the busy mompreneur! But more to come on that soon….

Saturday night we are welcoming back to the blogosphere in amazing, new pimped out style, the mommy blogger favorite, Type-A Mom. Type-A Mom has long been a launching point for talented mom bloggers and freelance writers. A place where “real moms share real advice,” it is also a creative outlet for many moms while giving them an opportunity to find a source of income through writing and network with fellow mom writers. For those moms who prefer to read rather than write, Type-A Mom is a never ending source of information regarding subjects ranging from breastfeeding and child development to housekeeping and potty training! Let’s join Kelby Carr as she relaunches Type-A Mom!

To attend Friday’s party from 9:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. EST, please tweet with the hashtag #MOMeo. The topic for the night will be Mompreneurs, balancing work, family and me time, and we will welcome a panel of highly successful Mompreneurs.

To attend Saturday’s party from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST, please tweet with the hashtag #typeamom. The topics for the night will include the areas of interest at Type-A Mom, and the discussion will be led by the Type-A Mom editorial staff.

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