Not Just a Month

Tomorrow is the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and because it’s also Halloween, much of the interest in raising awareness, gathering funds, and discovering a cure have long given way to the hunt for the perfect costume and a candy-alternative treat to hand out to the ghosts and goblins streaming to our doors.

But we need to take a moment and remember that for those living with Breast Cancer – or dying from it – this issue, this disease, is not just a month.

Think Pink year round.

1. Share Your Stories
2. Go to the Doctor
I have found that women – especially moms – put their own health on the backburner as they care for those around them: their homes, their spouses, their children, their jobs. When it comes time to go to the doctor, we are often embarrassed by doctors without decent bed-side manners or ourselves, fumbling to find the right words to describe what we’ve experienced. But those doctors with no social skills may save our lives. And we are not alone in our embarrassment. Go to the doctor. Take care of yourself. Share your story with the women around you so that they know they aren’t alone.

Check out this story by the author of Mom Most Traveled: Here’s a taste of what she experienced:

“One of my personal theories is that maybe after breastfeeding two children, things have gone south and a rib that was once covered by fatty breast tissue is now uncovered and noticeable.

Or did I break a rib in childhood and somehow never notice or get it treated?

Am I one of those people who got shot and didn’t feel it? Maybe by a civil-war era musket?”

3. Support Companies Who Support Health
Shake the Salt has a wonderful post compiling a variety of Breast Cancer Awareness products, including products that you can win (deadline to enter, November 7th). Products range from nail polish to socks to scarves and go far beyond the little pink ribbon.

Does my husband love that our new Brita water pitcher is pink? Probably not. But we needed a new water pitcher, and I was happier knowing that some of that money was going to a good cause. There are many situations where we have a choice as consumers to buy a product or buy a product with a purpose. When you can, choose the purpose.

One of my favorites is from a company that supports fair trade year round and is worth a look. Head over to Fierce Hugs now to grab their Breast Cancer Awareness special at the last minute! All Pink Apple Chef tees and bodysuits are on sale for $9 off the regular price AND they are donating $3 for each pink tee sold this month – so go now! All of their products are made from super soft 100% organic cotton, are made with fair labor, and are designed by independent artists.

Written by: Amy

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