My NOOK Color Drama or How I Lost Five Years Off My Life This Week

Once upon a time I gave away a NOOK.  Readers were happy and life was good.  Then I was given the opportunity to give away a NOOK Color. Once again, readers were happy and life was good.

Then somehow my NOOK Color ended up on my dining room table. Perhaps it had been unpacked from a trip?  Maybe I had changed purses and placed it there.  All I know is that the NOOK Color charger was neatly put away in my office gadget drawer while the NOOK Color itself had gone rogue.  But really…the dining room table is a safe place…

Until this happened!

Rather than put my NOOK Color in the gadget drawer where it belonged, I put it on that side table that you can’t quite see in that photograph.  Convenient, right?  And for four weeks, that is where my NOOK Color stayed.  I didn’t travel, I didn’t sit at practices, I didn’t grab my NOOK Color.  It should have still been very safe, especially considering how nice and neat my dining room was looking.

But then I asked my husband to get the dining room ready for Easter.

All week I’ve been trying to find my NOOK Color so that I could update the firmware (more on that soon!) and hopefully host a NOOK related giveaway (hopefully more on that soon!), but I couldn’t do it because the NOOK Color was gone!  I looked everywhere.  I asked everyone.  I even called my mom a state away to ask if she had seen it.  I was sure someone had stolen it or we had thrown it away (although really….how!?!?).  And then about twenty minutes ago in the quiet of night after a frantic day with all hope leaving…I remembered.

The side table also had a stack of gift bags, tape, a scissors, and two rolls of wrapping paper.  Could it be?

It turns out that when I asked my husband to clean up the dining room for Easter, he had put everything into the gift bags.  He then wonderfully put the gift bags and rolls of wrapping paper in my office. And then TODAY as I went through each item of my office three times looking for the missing NOOK Color, I put those gift bags away in a closet, including the gift bag that held my NOOK Color.

So now my pretty little NOOK Color is sitting here on my desk, waiting for me to charge it, waiting for me to download Angry Birds.  And all is right with the world.

Stay tuned for more soon!

Written by: Amy

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