My Life on Points: Giveaway

Anyone who has been reading this blog for some time knows these three things about me:

  1. I like a challenge
  2. I like to find a good deal
  3. I LOVE to give things away

This is why I jumped on the chance to participate in the My Life on Points Program.  The concept is simple – I try to find items in the American Express Membership Rewards Program that fit my needs as a mom, and one of you receives a $100 AmEx Gift Card.

Sound good? Ready to win?  Let’s get started!

How to Enter:

Next week I’m going to write about my “favorite finds” in the American Express Membership Rewards program at 25,000 points or below, but you are going to get us started by telling me in the comments section here what you think I should include in my favorite finds.  Choose one item on the American Express Membership Rewards page that can be redeemed for 25,000 points or less, and enter that item in the comments below. Next week you’ll get to enter again at the 50,000 points level, and the following week you’ll be able to enter the third and final time at the 75,000 points level.  At the conclusion of the program, I’ll be drawing from all three sets of comments and choose one reader to receive the $100 AmEx Gift Card.

So what will it be?  What would you like to buy for 25,000 points or less with your Life on Points?

About Membership Rewards

The Membership Rewards program is a built-in feature of most American Express® Cards — you may already be enrolled.  Once enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, you can earn points virtually every time you use your Card. Using your Card for every day purchases is a fast and easy way to earn points. You can also explore opportunities to earn bonus points with select partners at or at the Bonus Points Mall® website (  Learn more by visiting the American Express Facebook Page.

This post is written in conjunction with a sponsored campaign and the giveaway card is being provided by the sponsor.

Written by: Amy

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