My Life on Points Giveaway: Week 2

Last week I told you about the My Life on Points American Express program and your chance to win a $100 American Express gift card.  Well today you have another chance to enter to win! I’m going to share what I actually chose for 25,000 points or less at the American Express Membership Rewards, but to enter to win this week, you need to comment on this post with what you would buy with 50,000 rewards points! So be creative, have fun, and share your top choice in the comments for a chance to win a $100 American Express gift card.  And now to my list!

What I chose for 25,000 points or less:

1. Sony Stereo Turntable System with USB Output: 24,600 points

I grew up with an amazing stereo that took up a huge section of my bedroom and blasted through the entire house.  While most kids were trying to get their parents to buy the new-fangled CD players, I was still mixing tapes and more importantly, enjoying Joni Mitchell’s “Night in the City” the way it was meant to be enjoyed – on vinyl.  I love the idea of cashing in points to relive my childhood only with the ability to turn my favorite LP’s into MP3’s!

2. Bissell Cleanview Helix Deluxe: 24,900 points

I’m not sure what to say about this reward other than, “Yes, please!”

3. Viking Professional Blender: 25,000 points

Two months ago, I decided to keep my daughter’s seventh birthday simple by just allowing her to invite three close friends over for a little party.  What did I think would keep things simple?  Some easy cupcakes instead of a fancy themed cake.  But of course I decided to make my favorite strawberry icing from scratch.  For some reason, my ten year old hand blender decided that that day was the perfect day to completely burn out, so I ended up dumping my not-quite-mixed icing into my ten year old+ blender.  You guessed what happened next – the blender quit as well.  When I saw that this incredible blender was available at 25,000, I saw my chance to finally replace my blender!  Only next time, I’ll just buy the icing…

4. Graco Baby Flip It Stroller Sachi: 25,000 points

Before the rumors start, No!, the Resourceful family is NOT growing.  However, as a mom I can appreciate how amazing it would be to use my American Express card to make all of those baby-on-the-way large purchases and then cash the rewards points in on another expensive necessity, a stroller.

5. Cuisinart 10-Piece Chef’s Classic Cookware Set: 25,000 points

After you’ve spent years spending all of your money on baby necessities, reward yourself with this gorgeous cookware set!  Although I think that if I cashed in my points on this, I’d need new stainless steel appliances to go with them…

6.  Philips 7″ Portable DVD Player with Built Tote and Monster ScreenClean: 24,100 points

Because as much as I wanted to make this list about me, the idea of my kids being able to watch their favorite DVD when we are flying just seemed to good to pass up!

So how did you do?  Did I choose your favorite as well?  Don’t forget to grab your chance to enter to win the $100 American Express Gift Card!  A reminder…

How to Enter:

Next week I’m going to write about my “favorite finds” in the American Express Membership Rewardsprogram at 50,000 points or below, but you are going to get us started by telling me in the comments section here what you think I should include in my favorite finds.  Choose one item on the American Express Membership Rewards page that can be redeemed for 50,000 points or less, and enter that item in the comments below. Next week you’ll get to enter again at the 75,000 points level.  At the conclusion of the program, I’ll be drawing from all three sets of comments and choose one reader to receive the $100 AmEx Gift Card.

So what will it be?  What would you like to buy for 50,000 points or less with your Life on Points?

About Membership Rewards

The Membership Rewards program is a built-in feature of most American Express® Cards — you may already be enrolled.  Once enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, you can earn points virtually every time you use your Card. Using your Card for every day purchases is a fast and easy way to earn points. You can also explore opportunities to earn bonus points with select partners at or at the Bonus Points Mall® website (  Learn more by visiting the American Express Facebook Page.

This post is written in conjunction with a sponsored campaign and the giveaway card is being provided by the sponsor.

Written by: Amy

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