My Life on Points: $100 American Express Giveaway Week 3

It’s the final week to enter to win the $100 American Express gift card!  Last week you told me what you would choose for 50,000 points or less, and today I’m going to share what I actually chose for 50,000 points or less at the American Express Membership Rewards.  To enter to win this week, you need to comment on this post with what you would buy with 75,000 rewards points! Go crazy checking out this high point section and share your top choice in the comments for a chance to win a $100 American Express gift card.  And now to my list!

What I chose for 50,000 points or less:

Anolon® Chef Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set Confession: I really can’t cook.  BUT, I think that if these beautiful pots and pans were hanging from a pot rack above the island in my kitchen, I just might be inspired to learn how.

Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner I live in a home with three finished stories, three different kinds of flooring, and tons of steps.  I’m not one of these people who needs to vacuum every day, but I do like to do clean-up throughout the week to stay on top of cat hair tumbleweeds, mulch, grass, etc.  If I had this guy I could easily carry him from floor to floor, surface to surface with no issues.

Samsung 19″ 720p LED HDTV with HDMI™ Cable & Monster® ScreenClean™ This choice needs no explanation.  LOVE.

Panasonic 33mm Wide-angle Lens Camcorder with Advanced Optical 78X Zoom with OIS- Black I’ve used those little flippy dippy cameras for a couple of years now with mixed results.  Some have poor sound quality, others poor image quality, others simply don’t work.  I love that this guy with great options like wide angle view was in the 50,000 points or less category.

Antwerp 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Studs – .25 Ct. TW I have never asked for or purchased a pair of diamond earrings because it always felt like such a waste of money, however that is exactly the right thing to spend American Express Member Rewards points on.  So reward me. Please.  I love these earrings!

Cuisinart FP-14 Series 14-Cup Food Processor I have never owned and I have often needed a food processor, and this one from Cuisinart is calling to me.  With multiple blades, settings, and different sized bowls, it actually works like multiple food processors all in one.  But I don’t know…those earrings sure do like nice…

Did I choose any of the things that you thought I would?  Were your favorites in the list, too?

Don’t forget to grab your final chance to enter to win the $100 American Express Gift Card!  A reminder…

How to Enter:

Next week I’m going to write about my “favorite finds” in the American Express Membership Rewardsprogram at 75,000 points or below, but you are going to get us started by telling me in the comments section here what you think I should include in my favorite finds.  Choose one item on the American Express Membership Rewards page that can be redeemed for 75,000 points or less, and enter that item in the comments below. This is the final week to enter!  At the conclusion of the program, I’ll be drawing from all three sets of comments and choose one reader to receive the $100 AmEx Gift Card.

So what will it be?  What would you like to buy for 75,000 points or less with your Life on Points?

About Membership Rewards

The Membership Rewards program is a built-in feature of most American Express® Cards — you may already be enrolled.  Once enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, you can earn points virtually every time you use your Card. Using your Card for every day purchases is a fast and easy way to earn points. You can also explore opportunities to earn bonus points with select partners at or at the Bonus Points Mall® website (  Learn more by visiting the American Express Facebook Page.

This post is written in conjunction with a sponsored campaign and the giveaway card is being provided by the sponsor.

Written by: Amy

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