Motivation Tips for Tough Winter Months

Motivation Tips


Finding motivation in winter can be difficult – even impossible at times. Less daylight, cold temperatures, and holiday stress can work against us to make it hard to find the energy and initiative to be productive. In fact, I had to fight to find the focus to write this post! Many people find their mood and motivation very much affected by the winter months, which can be seriously debilitating. So what can you do to battle your way out from under the covers and find the get-up-and-go you need to get things done? Here are a few tips that can help:

Reward Yourself – Treats and rewards aren’t just for the kids. A little self-bribery can sometimes work wonders to help you find the drive that you need to get things done in the cold winter months. Treat yourself to a coffee or tea while you’re out running errands, pick up your favorite takeout at the end of the work week, or go check out a movie once you’ve finished up the household chores.

Get More Exercise – Sure, getting more exercise was on your list of resolutions, but there are more reasons to stick with it than just getting in shape. Regular exercise will help you get your mood and motivation in check, too. Get moving so you can stay moving all day long!

Reorganize Trouble Areas – For me, having a neat and organized space is a huge help when it comes to staying motivated. I simply can’t focus in an area of chaos and disorganization. Rather than waiting for spring to deep clean, getting things in order over the winter can be a huge asset in staying motivated.

Make Time for You – With fewer hours of daylight, it can be a struggle to get everything done during the day and often the first thing to fall off the task list are “me time” activities. Schedule time for yourself to relax and enjoy the hobbies and activities that are important to you and that bring you joy. You’ll lift your spirits on frosty winter days.

Check Your Diet – Winter time often means comfort food, but these hearty meals and decadent treats often leave you feeling sluggish. Be sure to include plenty of lighter meals and snacks with fresh veggies and fruit to keep your body on track.

See the Light Get outside in the sunlight as often as you can. Even in colder temperatures, sunlight can help to increase serotonin which naturally improves mood and combats depression. Even if you’re just opening the blinds a little earlier in the morning, that exposure to natural light can make a difference. Pull those curtains back and let the sunshine in!

Seek Help if Needed – If your decreased motivation is coupled with other signs of depression or is severe, don’t hesitate to seek help. A physician or mental health professional can help you find a way to manage your symptoms through medication, therapy, and other effective techniques.

Do you struggle to find motivation in the winter months? What do you do to overcome your struggles?

Written by: Shannan Powell

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