Monday’s Magical Moments

My friend Jenn over at Super Jenn has started something she calls Monday Magical Moments. She is not only a Disney nut like me, but she is also an amazing photographer. I have been meaning to join her bloggy theme for a couple of weeks now, but am finally getting around to sharing one of my own favorite magical moments.

When my kids were around the ages of two and four, my dad began talking about my first trips to Walt Disney World. We went a few times during my childhood, sometimes in conjunction with visits to see my aunt in Tampa, and while I remember souvenirs and resort pools and riding the monorail, he remembers taking me on my very first ride – the It’s a Small World attraction at the Magic Kingdom. When my husband and I took our children to Walt Disney World for the first time, we went as an extended family with my parents. It was only fitting that my children’s first ride was It’s a Small World, and I will never forget the look on my son’s face as he saw the ride for the first time…

Pure magic.

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  • Oh Amy, I love that precious look!
    I think Small World was SuperBaby’s favorite ride as well… it was just a world of wonder to him and he had a very similar look on his face the entire time!!

    Thanks for joining in … I know you have SO MANY amazing Disney pics…I can’t wait to see more of them 🙂