Today as I sat here trolling through my e-mails and using my precious “me-time” to get some work done, it dawned on me that I have never formally introduced Resourceful Mommy readers to another side of me….Momfluence.

Early this year I decided to form a mom blogger network to create some of the same fun opportunities for others that were coming my direction. While my numbers are respectable, this blog is certainly not in the top percentage of mom blogs. Yet I have been fortunate enough to be offered great content ideas and giveaway opportunities due in part to my activity on Twitter.

While article after article appeared in the mainstream media touting the power of a few moms with hundreds of thousands of pageviews a month, I watched as my peers became deflated wondering when their own blogs would rise to the top. But the power of many moms with a small, but loyal readership coming together has the same influencing power as one of those other bloggers…if not more. You know us – really know us. That still means something.

In February I officially launched Momfluence: Rocking the cradle and Shaping the world. Since then over 350 bloggers have come together to share fun contests with their readers and create change for our children, such as through our participation in the Speak Now for Kids campaign. We are currently working on several new campaigns and will be co-hosting a fun event on the Friday night of the BlogHer conference.

If you are a blogger and would like to join us, just head to and fill out the form!

Written by: Amy

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