MomFaves SiteWarming Launch Party Panel

Every SiteWarming Party has a panel of experts – and tomorrow night’s launch party for Mom Faves will be no different!

Please welcome these wonderful ladies who understand the importance and power of word of mouth. They’re sites are gorgeous and their commitment to giving mom’s a voice as well as sharing their own opinions is clear. They will guide as tomorrow night as we welcome Mom Faves to the web and we share our own favorites!
Christine, @YoungMommy, is married to her best friend, Ray, and together they have six very active children, all ages 8 and under. She’s a busy mama, spending most of her days homeschooling four of them, while running after two! She is the proud owner and author of From Dates to Diapers, where she shares about life with little ones, offers advice and encouragement, and writes her thoughts and opinions on some of the greatest products and services available. In addition to being a wife, mom, teacher, laundry-hater, dish-washer, and boogie-wiper, Christine is a Mom Expert at, an ambassador for Graco Nation, one of Wal-Mart’s Eleven Moms, and a spokesmom for Johnson’s Baby.
Victoria Arya, @EllieandEve, is the founder and editor of Life Starring Ellie and Eve, a review site (and more!) that specializes in fun, cool and trendy gear for babies, kids and moms. She is the stay at home mom of two little girls, Ellie and Eve. She is also the founder of The Ark Adventure, an online charity program which uses bloggers and giveaways as a way to raise funds which will benefit Heifer International. Still haven’t had enough? You can also find her being the Gear Extraordinaire at Ask Baby Kid and writing the Fab Fifteen weekly article over at Momdot. When she is not writing reviews or articles Victoria enjoys surfing the net looking for great gear, boutiques, sites and people. You can find her at MomFaves under the name Victoria (Life Starring Ellie and Eve), and if you want to Fave her site while you check it out…feel free
Dwan Perrin, @MommaDJane, forced from the corporate world by her daughter’s medical condition, is climbing the ladder of success – as she so aptly says – one broken step at a time. Dwan is the owner of the fabulous online store, Momma Made, and she also blogs or vlogs daily at Blogging Momma. Dwan is at once a spitfire and a consummate professional who clearly understands the importance of moms supporting each other and sharing not only what works, but what doesn’t!
Courtney Velasquez, @theappleofmyeye, is a mom of three girls, a wife to a wonderful man, a mompreneur, a blogger and a social media lover! Courtney worked in retail for 10 years before deciding to stay at home to raise her girls. She worked for companies such at Saks 5th Ave, BCBG, and The Limited. She went on to start her own business called The Apple of My Eye, designing The Original Changing Clutch, a complete diaper changing system where fashion meets function!
Jessica, @MomFuse, is the creator behind MomFuse ( She is a stay at home mom to twins and married to a wonderful man. She loves and enjoys everything about life and seeing her little ones grow up. Becoming a mother has completely changed her life for the better. Before she became a stay at home mother she worked in the advertising industry so she was able to meet and network with a lot of great people. She decided to start Mom Fuse after her twins were born because she missed working and networking with people.
Written by: Amy

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