#MOMeo SiteWarming Instructions/Rules

Some people like structure. Some just want to know what on earth is happening at these SiteWarming Parties! Whichever category you fit into, here you go, my friends. I’m breaking it down for you.

What: Tonight’s party is a SiteWarming for the Beta launch of http://www.momeocommunity.com/, an online community and resource for mompreneurs. The topic is any and all things related to the life of a mompreneur!

Hashtag = #MOMeo

When: Friday, February 20th from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST – but take heart! I’m saving a door prize for you west coasters joining us after dinner….

How: I recommend either heading to TweetDeck where you can see the #MOMeo tweets, your @replies AND anything I tweet (@ResourcefulMom) in three columns or trying out TweetChat.

DOOR PRIZES: There will be five door prizes awarded the following way.

  • 2 prizes will be randomly chosen from those who RSVP’d. RSVP Here.
  • 2 prizes will be awarded to whomever correctly answers a question first. I will tweet “DOOR PRIZE DOOR PRIZE DOOR PRIZE.” My next tweet will be the question.
  • 1 prize will be the first person to shout out at the appropriate time.

One final note: If @ResourcefulMom gets kicked out of Twitter, she will reappear as @SiteWarmings

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