Model Me Kids SiteWarming for Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month, and to kick off the discussion, Model Me Kids is having a SiteWarming for Autism Awareness on Twitter Wednesday, April 1st at 9 p.m. EST (#mmk).

Join @ModelMeKids and @ResourcefulMom as we lead an open conversation about autism. There are three rules that we ask party-goers to abide by:

1. Please be nice

2. Please stay on topic
3. Please do not spam with advertisements

There will be four panelists for the evening covering four specific topics:

  1. Panelist Sue Klein is founder and President of Model Me Kids®, videos for modeling social skills for children with Autism. Topic: Social Skills
  2. Panelist Cale is a college student with Asperger Syndrome. He is working on his Bachelors in Behavioral Psychology. Topic: Asperger Syndrome
  3. Panelist Susan Giurleo is a psychologist to families with kids with Autism, ADHD, learning disorders. Topic: Executive Functioning and Behavior
  4. Panelist Kat Maggio-Straub is a school district Behavior Consultant. Topic: Teaching Children with Autism.

Giveaways: The following prizes will be awarded during the party for answering questions correctly:

  1. Big Combo Pack of labels from Mabel’s Labels.
  2. 3-Set I of Model Me Kids DVDS: Includes – Time for School, Time for a Playdate, and I Can Do It!
  3. $15 ToysRUs Gift Card
  4. The book I Am Utterly Unique by Elaine Marie Larson
  5. Art4Autism Greeting Cards (pack of 10) by artist and Autism advocate Kim Dean
  6. 3-Set II Model Me Kids DVDs: Includes – Conversation Cues, Friendship, and Tips & Tricks.
  7. Model Me Kids® videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, restaurant, and more. Real children model and narrate each skill. Designed as a teaching tool for children, adolescents, and teenagers with Austism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and developmental delays, the videos are used by parents, teachers, and therapists.
  8. Model Me Kids® also strives to educate people about Autism through video. Model Me Kids® has produced two documentaries about children with Autism, one in a classroom at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, and the other in a special Karate class for children with Autism.
For more information about Model Me Kids including their generous affiliate program, please go to
To RSVP for this event, please visit
Written by: Amy

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