Micro-Blog Monday: Resourceful Cleaning

Welcome to Micro-Blog Monday – a little bit of resourcefulness to start your week off right.

One of the best ways to minimize the time you spend cleaning is to reduce the dirt in your home. We’ve all been told that removing our shoes when we come into the house cuts down on 50% of the germs in our home, but there are other ways to prevent the need for cleaning.

Take a close look at the products you are currently using. Are any of them actually creating dirt? For example, I noticed that the bar soap my husband uses while showering leaves a residue on the tub and shower walls that breeds mold and mildew and is incredibly difficult to remove. I asked him to make the switch to a body wash, which does not have the chemical properties in bar soap that allow it to form back into a solid on my tub floor. The change has been dramatic. I now have to clean my bathroom less frequently, and cleaning the tub has become less of a back-breaking chore.

Have a resourceful week!

Written by: Amy

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