Micro-Blog Monday: Resourceful Child Safety

In just nine short days my family will be travelling to WaltDisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. It is known as the Happiest Place on Earth…and also one of the busiest.

While my daughter lingers behind me like a shadow, my son is more likely to wander off, deep in thought and mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom. At two and a half, he actually has a somewhat astounding vocabulary. The glitch is that he’s only understandable to the average person about 50% of the time. The thought of him becoming separated from us and being unable to communicate simple details like his name is maddening.

Fortunately, the kind people at My Precious Kid, Child Safety Products, offered to send me a free Kid’s Dog Tag to review. I chose the blue tag with the little boy (pictured above), and utilized the eight customizable lines of type on the opposite side to list my son’s name, my cell phone number, my husband’s cell phone number, and our home phone number. The dog tag arrived to my home incredibly fast after I placed my order, and not only is the information printed on the tag very clearly, but I was especially impressed out how light the tag is. I plan on hooking the dog tag to my son’s belt loop or windbreaker zipper, and I know that if the tag were heavy and bulky, he would attempt to remove it from his clothing.

Thank you to the folks at My Precious Kid for allowing me to test this child safety item. Please visit their site to check out their other great products including shoe ID tags, disposable ID bracelets, and fingerprint kits.

Written by: Amy

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