Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Twitter Party

Enjoy a family movie night Tuesday, September 7th for the world premiere of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally on Playhouse Disney!

Join us earlier that day for a Twitter Party to celebrate this exciting premiere from family favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We’ll be chatting about what your family does to turn a night at home together into a magical and fun evening!  Prep for your Road Rally Family Fun Night with Road Rally Printables and Road Rally Recipes.  And of course it wouldn’t be a Twitter Party without prizes, so be sure to use the hashtag #roadrally in order to participate.  We’ll be giving away the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally DVD to some lucky participants and one grand prize winner will win a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Rescue Vehicle!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Twitter Party

When: It’s a matinee!  Join us from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. PT/4:00 to 5:00 p.m ET

Where: The #RoadRally tag on Twitter

How: Be sure to follow hostess @ResourcefulMom


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Synopsis

Mickey announces that today we’re all going on a Road Rally and he explains that a rally is a race where everyone wins!  All we have to do is follow a Road Rally Map.  At each location we will find a special Mickey Marker button – and when we push it we’ll get a special surprise!  So, Mickey and his friends (which includes us at home) ride their favorite modes of transportation: the Toon Car, the Clubhouse Choo Choo Locomotive, roller skates, a skateboard, a bicycle, and motor scooters.  Even Toodles himself joins the Road Rallyin’ racers!  When Goofy discovers that his bike isn’t working, he gets the opportunity to ride in a brand new vehicle that Professor Von Drake recently invented: the Clubhouse Rescue Truck!  Goofy is doubly thrilled.  Not only does he have an awesome ride, he can rescue his friends if they need help during the race.

Throughout the race, Mickey and the gang have to overcome various obstacles, like getting lost, getting stuck in a sand dune, and trying to cross a canyon without a bridge.  But thanks to our Mouseketools and the new Rescue Truck, we’re able to solve all of our problems and find all the Mickey Markers, which help launch big balloons with everyone’s face drawn on them!

However, during the race, Toodles begins to feel left out and unappreciated as the Rescue Truck seems to be getting all the praise for helping out.  Sadly, Toodles leaves the group, flying off on his own unnoticed.  When Mickey and his pals discover that Toodles is gone, Goofy takes off in the Rescue Truck and soon locates Toodles.  Then, when Pete accidentally falls onto a log in Mickey Lake and heads for the edge of a waterfall, both Goofy and Toodles join together like a superhero team to rescue their hapless friend.

In the end, all of our Clubhouse friends praise Toodles whom they appreciate more than ever now.  And after all of today’s surprises, the Professor has one more: a special seat on the Clubhouse Rescue Truck for Toodles!  As Mickey says to Toodles, “Friends help friends… and to us there’s no friend better than YOU!”  Thanks for going on the Clubhouse Road Rally with us today and helping out.  See ya real soon!

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