MeTime.Com Party Panelists: Monetizing Your Blog

Let’s welcome three fabulous ladies of the online world to lead us as we discuss ways to monetize our blogs that work for us and for our readers.
The following panelists are unpaid guests of SiteWarming Parties by Resourceful Mommy kindly sharing their knowledge and are not affiliated with MeTime.Com

@KatjaPresnal – Katja is a superstar of the social media world, and someone who has gained my personal admiration and trust. Katja has built her reputation offering a turn-key Marketing Solution for mompreneurs in the children’s fashion industry. She offered all-in-one marketing solution for small businesses in the children’s fashion market including Online Store, Lifestyle Blog and PR service The products she has represented have received national and international press, including a product endorsed by Tom Cruise on Oprah Show. Now Katja offers PR consulting and focuses on social media marketing, especially in the “mom” target market. Katja is one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms, and was named as one of the 50 most powerful and influential women in social media.

@KellyMcCausey I first heard of Kelly and her vast knowledge of all things blog related when she launched her incredibly resourceful site, Profitable Mommy Blogging. I was honored to be asked to participate in an interview for her site, and once I visited, I was hooked. Kelly McCausey, the owner of Mom’s Talk Network, offers an easy to promote affiliate program with a wide variety of free, low cost and premium products perfect for moms and moms who want to work at home. Be sure to ask her about the pros and cons of affiliate marketing on your site, and check out her radio show on Profitable Mommy Blogging.

@newoldmom Early in my blogging career, Tina Williams showed herself to be one of the most supportive women online, and she has continued to be a great source of information, comfort, and friendship. I wanted her to be a part of this panel to share how she has monetized her own blog and used affiliate marketing to do so. Tina Williams is a marketing mom of four girls ages 11,12,14 and 3 years old. Being a stay at home was always a priority so finding a way to make money online became a necessity. In her search for the most effective and efficient way to make money from home, Tina found Ebay, adsense and the domaining business. Tina also had active Network Marketing businesses that required a lot of time and attention. Affiliate marketing and blogging became a real focus within the last year after her family relocated from New York to Florida . The new baby and wanting to have a full time income just from home made affiliate marketing very appealing. Also,combined with blogging, it made it easier to build a Network Marketing business without having to leave the house. Most of Tina’s affiliate marketing has been in small niches and through MLM training but in the last 6 months Tina has expanded to blogging about things closer to her heart…being a New Old Mom. You can find Tina, and examples of affiliate marketing, at The New Old Mom’s Club and some of the Club’s sister sites. Tina’s newest ventures can be found at Best Reflections Marketing and Coaching The KLT Factor where the focus is on building business based on the Know-Like-Trust Factor.. Tina’s business philosophy is based on “achieving success by helping other achieve theirs” so feel free to let her know how she can help you!

Written by: Amy

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