Meet the New Earth Footwear

Little known fact: Moms like to look cute. When I had my daughter nearly eight years ago, I had already kind of given up on cute.  I taught middle school in a basement classroom, and because I was trying to hoard money for my future days as a stay at home mom, my wardrobe consisted of one pair of gray trousers, lots of khakis, and a couple pairs of “good jeans.”  My shoes were blue sneakers (school colors!) on Fridays with a really annoyingly sensible black or brown shoe on the other days.  However, once I made it through the afraid-to-spend-a-penny phase and then through the covered-in-spit-up phase, I decided that looking nice was actually worth the effort.

Because I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my body, shoes have been a fun way for  me to show my fashion personality.  For awhile that personality said, “I’m wearing black combat boots, back off,” and many days the message I’m sending is, “All I have the time and energy for is flip flops.”  But now and then I like my feet to say, “Yes, I actually am still a woman despite the fact that I’m carrying my kid’s backpack and am quizzing the other kid on her spelling words while we walk.”

Last spring I introduced you to Earthies from Earth Footwear, now known as Kalso Earth Shoes.  Now I get to introduce you to the new Earth® line for 2012, which will be available at,,, Bonton and Belk among other locations.  Earth® sent me the Camellia shoe to give me an idea of the quality leather shoes that will be available for less than $100.  The shoe has a short heel with a soft leather “strappy” look.  The inside is cozy and padded, but my favorite part is the rubber on the bottom of the shoe because while it’s great to look cute, it’s also great to not fall flat on your face running from place to place with your kids. So without further ado, meet then new Earth® shoe…

For those of you who are long time fans of Earth Footwear, you can still find the negative heel shoes you love at Kalso Earth Shoes.  You can also find Earth Footwear on Facebook!

This post is an advertorial sponsored by Earth® Footwear. All opinions are my own.

Written by: Amy

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