Friday Featured Giveaway: Matchbox Smokey the Fire Truck

Earlier this month I told you about Fire Prevention Week featuring Matchbox’s Smokey the Fire Truck, and today I get to give one away to a Resourceful Mommy reader!  At least once a week I give away a product to readers, and we almost never receive the product in our home as well.  However, this time I agreed to also review Smokey because the kids saw Smokey in action in a commercial and got that excited this-is-going-on-my-Christmas-list look on their faces.  Smokey arrived earlier this week, and my five year old son has played with him every day.  He’s driven him into nearly every room of the house and has blasted foam water pellets at everything from the cat to his older sister (no pets or siblings were harmed in the reviewing of this toy).  My son is more of a gadget kid then a truck kid, so the fact that he is loving this truck has  made my week.  Check out what Smokey can do…

The Mattel Matchbox Smokey the Fire Truck brings fire safety fun to life with remarkable interactive qualities. Smokey’s personality lights up as he talks, sings and even dances before getting down to business and putting out harmful fires. The truck lets you know when Smokey is thirsty, so you can load up the cannon with aqua-colored balls that represent water blasts. With these water blasts, your child can manipulate levers and change the way Smokey stands to shoot the water cannon and help bring down fires. Realistic details and large, sturdy tires give the truck a unique design that all will love. Smokey the Fire Truck will provide hours of fire safety fun!

To really understand what makes Smokey unique, you’ve got to actually see him in action.  Check out this review from The Toy Guy Chris at Time to Play:

Note: If you tear through packaging the way I do, you’ll have Smokey out of his packaging in five minutes.

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