Mark Your Calendars for 3 Site Warming Parties!

On October 17th, for one hour on a Friday night, Tweeps got together on Twitter to ask questions, share best practices, and energize each other with exciting new ideas and advice. In the process friendships were made, lessons were learned, and nearly $2,000 in prizes were given away! It was truly Social Media at its best. The event? A Site Warming Party for this site, Resourceful Mommy. The result? The beginning of an exciting new trend.

– Mark your calendars now to participate in this exciting opportunity to learn from three panels of experts in social media, blogging, and at-home businesses. Check back often to submit your questions for panelists and make suggestions for topics of tweet conversations.

Be sure to enter the upcoming contests to win Goody Bags from each Site Warming party! Future posts and announcements will contain details on prizes as well as how to enter. Consider subscribing to Resourceful Mommy so that you don’t miss each important post!

– Join the fun on Twitter from 9pm to 10(ish)pm EST!
1. Tuesday, November 11th – Classy Mommy Site Warming

2. Friday, November 14th – Family Eden Site Warming

3. Friday, November 21st – Tote and Tee Site Warming

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