#Mamavation Twitter Party Monday

One party – two hours – prizes every five minutes…

Come join us for a Twitter party launching the 4th campaign of Mamavation on April 12 from 5pm to 7pm PST (Mountain Standard Time: 6pm to 8pm, Central Standard Time: 7pm to 9pm, OR Eastern Standard Time: 8pm to 10pm). In the last two campaigns, Mamavation moms lost over 85 lbs! We are changing the lives of families and excited to do it again! And on April 12th during the party, the next two Mamavation Moms will be announced and they will enter into @bookieboo’s virtual healthy living boot camp for seven weeks. We will also have giveaway winners EVERY 5 minutes, organized by me, @Resourcefulmom! Use hashtag #mamavation for the party. (You have to be present to win!)

Mamavation is a weight loss campaign and social media experiment brought to you by Earth Footwear, The EA SPORTS Active & Smooth Fitness & Gaiam. The Mamavation campaign is a unique movement in social media. Not only does it support two moms (Mamavation Moms), it also supports the first virtual healthy living sorority in social media called “The Sistahood.” The Mamavation Moms are put though a 7-week healthy living bootcamp. The will receive a professional nutritional plan created by a physician that specializes in nutrition, Dr. Renna, and a fitness program created by Tracey Mallett. They will also receive two pairs of Earth Footwear, a treadmill from Smooth Fitness, an EA SPORTS Active, Tracey Mallett and Tae Bo DVDs. Their lives become a virtual open book with twists and turns and real life challenges they must overcome. The purpose behind the campaign is to inspire moms all over the internet to live more healthy. The program is managed by @bookieboo, Leah Segedie. Leah Segedie has successfully lost over 170 lbs. herself. She is no stranger to hard work and overcoming challenges in weight loss as a mom.

Make sure to follow our wonderful guests:

Mamavation Creator, @bookieboo and @mamavation (alter ego), Leah Segedie

Mamavation Head Trainer & Earth Footwear Spokesperson, @TraceyMallett

Mamavation Head Cheerleader @mommymomo

Mamavation Nutritional Cheerleader @savorthethyme, Jennifer Leal

Mamavation EA SPORTS Active Cheerleader @active_girl, Kathryn Peck

Mamavation Cheerleader @Extraordmommy, Danielle Smith

Mamavation Spiritual Cheerleader @madreminutes, Barbara Collins

Mamavation Cheerleader @unxperiencedmom, Tamara

Mamavation Mentor @AlyssaBecthold of Hellman

Mamavation Mentor @LisaSamples of Mom of 2 Boys Wife of 1

Mamavation Mentor @frugalfemina of Frugal Femina

To RSVP and enter to win please visit http://www.mamavation.com/.

Written by: Amy

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