Mamavation Monday: Why I Want to Stay Fit

Ever since my very short, but very powerful conversation last week with Bob Greene, I have been thinking about what motivated me to lose thirty pounds, and what will motivate me to both keep that weight off and also lose the additional ten that I would like to lose.  One issue that has come up time and time again in my life is the idea of intrinsic motivation.  Hearing Bob Greene suggest that perhaps my reason for losing thirty pounds was no longer there and that this put me at risk to return to old habits was jarring.  I realized that the reason for losing the weight was no longer there because it was an extrinsic motivation – a goal that I had accomplished and could move on from – and that was frightening.

I don’t want to gain the weight back because I’ve checked off the box, received the A+, moved on.  I don’t want to fail to lose the additional ten because someone who cheered me on for the first thirty isn’t there to push me to the finish line.

So today I am writing out the reasons why I want to stay fit, and none of them involve cheers from the crowd or accolades from my friends.  These are all for me.

1. I have far more energy than I did thirty pounds ago, and I want to keep it.

2. I don’t cringe when I see a camera and I don’t ever want to again.

3. I feel strong. I like feeling strong. I want to continue to feel strong.

4. I deserve to be fit and healthy regardless of what anyone else thinks, says or notices.

Now I just need to listen to myself.


Written by: Amy

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