Mamavation Monday: Moving On

It’s been a couple of rough weeks for me on this desperate journey to make permanent changes to my lifestyle and health. The shock of transitioning from the extreme high of being able to continue running for twenty minutes without stopping to suddenly not being allowed to run at all took its toll on my emotional health along with my physical health.  While I waited to see a doctor, I began walking almost daily.  Some days I walked four or five miles, listening to music and feeling the rush of pushing my body to move faster, walk farther.  I found myself enjoying my walks almost as much as my runs, and I settled into a new routine.  My weight loss picked up steam in the two weeks that I wasn’t running, and I am now almost down twenty-five pounds.  All of these highs and lows have shown me that my original fitness and weight loss goals are not only attainable, but that I can move the bar and still succeed. I’ve now decided to aim higher, even if it does not include running.  I’ve also seen the doctor and have learned that I may not need to turn to a surgical solution to repair the damage caused by the running. I hope to begin physical therapy as soon as possible, and at that time will be re-evaluated to see if running can be added back into my routine.

In the meantime, I’m adding new ways to exercise into my life. I learned from a childhood friend that there are waterproof MP3 players and with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning, I ordered one along with a new swimsuit and goggles.  I have always loved the water and swimming and the thought of listening to soul-soothing music while moving through the water covered my arms in goosebumps.  My parents, who love to bike, have pulled out the ten speed they had made for me twenty years ago and are getting it brought up to speed so that I can begin biking on those paths where I used to run. It seems that the very injury that at first appeared to limit me has instead pushed me to find other forms of exercise that I will hopefully enjoy just as much if not more.

I’m going into this week feeling strong again…and ready to attack my new goals.

Written by: Amy

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