Mamavation Monday: #Ashamed Chat

Giveaway Update:

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I am once again standing with the Mamavation community, asking Strong4Life to remove their billboards shaming the children of Georgia and instead provide positive, motivational messaging for the kids who live in a state with the 2nd highest childhood obesity rate in the nation.  Learn more with this invitation from Mamavation founder Leah below:

Last time we all met in protest of the Strong 4 Life billboards in Georgia we amassedover 23 MILLION impressions on twitter within ONE HOUR on twitter. A very impressive feat and very strong demonstration of how people in social media feel about shaming children into better health. But our campaign to stop the billboards in Georgia is NOT over. There are several still up in Atlanta in some of the poorest neighborhoods where the obesity rate is very high. Why must the poorest children be made to feel so ashamed? We still have power to stop this! This is a fight about empowering children, not demeaning them and making them feel shame. No one here denies the fact that Georgia has the 2nd largest childhood obesity rate in the nation, but we feel in order to combat this statistic, it needs to be done in love and support….not with shame.

Fight obesity,  not obese people…

Join us on Thursday, February 16th from 9-10pm EST using the hashtag #Ashamed to once again stand in protest against the Strong 4 Life billboards in Georgia.

Supportive Community Leaders Who are Joining Us:

1. @Bookieboo
2. @Resourcefulmom
3. @MommyPR
4. @Cecilyk
5. @Typeamom
6. @Redneckmommy
7. @5Minutesformom
8. @Stacieinatlanta
9. @Crissy
10. @Sugarjones
11. @Dadstreet
12. @Mrsfatass
13. @Runhers
14. @Mommywantsvodka
15. @Daily_pinch
16. @Princesstimetoys
17. @Youngmommy
18. @JessicaNorthey
19. @CarissaRogers
20. @Mmangen
21. @ErinMargolin
22. @TaraZiegmont

(more to come…)

To RSVP please visit: 

Written by: Amy

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