New Mamavation Campaign

Those of you who have been reading Resourceful Mommy for some time know that my battle with staying healthy and fit is an ongoing struggle. I’ve been lingering sometime around a group of women who tweet with the hashtag #Mamavation. They belong to an online sisterhood – a Sistahood, actually – and what they provide each other is support, encouragement, inspiration, and mamavation. In fact, they’ll help any mama in need and have tweeted with me on more than one occasion when my body was telling me to get up from my desk and grab a harmless sweet treat while working on a project.

On April 12th I am going to be assisting these ladies in hosting a Twitter party from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. EDT where they will be giving away a monstrous number of prizes…and announcing a life changing decision.

Mamavation periodically chooses two moms from scores of applicants to receive a higher level of support and the results are astounding. Check out the success of recent Mamavation Mom Alyssa who lost 60 pounds during her campaign.

Does this sound like something that you need in your life right now? The application period for the next campaign begins tomorrow and ends April 1st.

Apply now to be one of the next Mamavation Moms and find out at our party April 12th if you’ve been chosen! Good luck!

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