Mamapedia SiteWarming Door Prizes – You’ve Gotta’ Be In It to Win It!

This contest has ended and winner’s have been notified.

Tonight while we SiteWarm Mamapedia, we will also be doing what we love most…giving away fabulous Door Prizes!

Come and share what questions you had answered by Mamapedia or just tell us what your biggest parenting challenge has been. One lucky winner will receive a VADO digital video camera, but many more will win door prizes!
To Enter:
1. Tweet any time today and this evening with the hashtag #Mamapedia and automatically be entered to win door prizes.
2. RSVP to the party by clicking to the party post.
3. Join us at the part and answer questions, win shout outs, and more!
1. My Little Pony Newborn Cuties – Little Rainbow Dash’s Room playset I am a pushover for “retro” toys, so it’s no surprise that my daughter has several My Little Pony toys. In fact she plays with the ponies from my childhood every time we visit my parents! Her favorite My Little Pony item from my collection is a pony stable, but because it is showing signs of aging we have decided to keep it at Gram and Pap’s house. This, of course, has left my daughter’s ponies without a proper home.
Imagine how happy she was to get to try out the new Little Rainbow Dash’s Room Playset! This set is for ages 3 and up and comes with the following: baby pony figure, dinosaur “ride,” blanket, toy animal, skirt and book accessories. Emma loves choosing different adult ponies to be the “mommy” to Little Rainbow Dash and rock her in her little pony cradle. Although my son likes to play with this set, too, he very rarely gets a chance. One lucky winner will receive one playset of their own! Good luck!
2. The Littlest Pet Shop – Playful Paws Pet Daycare Recently my 5 year old has fallen in love with The Littlest Pet Shop, so I was so excited to have a chance to review this fun playset. The Playful Paws Pet Daycare is available at many major retailers and online at Although this playset is made for children ages 4 and up, with careful supervision I allowed my son to play with the set as well. But be forewarned – there are small pieces!
I suffered through the big, chunky plastic toy face with my daughter while keeping a smile on my face, but as I’ve written before, this new phase of small toy sets is a welcome breath of fresh air in our house! I still fondly remember playing with little pocket pet and doll sets when I was a child. This is just such a fun phase of childhood! Emma was especially happy to see that her tiny pet friends would now have “something to do,” but what I liked best is that they now have a home! When we clean up at the end of play, we place all of our Littlest Pet Shop pets inside the playset and store the entire piece on top of her bookshelf…in her room. Finally! Toys that fit in her bedroom! This is a great prize.
3. Melissa & Doug Arts & Crafts Gift Set – $40 Value from Good for the Kids I love learning about new sites for parents – whether they be informational or fun online stores – so I was so excited to be introduced just this weekend to Good for the Kids! This beautiful store lets you shop for your favorite items or new discoveries by categories such as Play, Feed, Nurture, and Engage. You can also shop by your favorite brands such as Melissa & Doug or Ty! What’s really wonderful is that this online store is not just a piece of real estate on the web. You can actually access a real person! Are you following Angie from Good for the Kids on Twitter? You should be!
4. Chinet – 10 free packages – 1 each to 10 winners! Chinet disposable tableware offers a number of lines such as Cut Crystal, Comfort Cup, Casuals and Classic White. Both the Casuals and Classic White line are made of 100% pre-consumer recycled material and are biodegradable in home composting. To keep their carbon footprint down, Chinet will send coupons for product rather than the product itself. The biodegradable lines are a unique option for a “green entertaining” this summer without the fuss and clean up! For delicious recipes and more entertaining tips – or even to just window shop for how you’ll spend your coupon for free product! – head over to

5. 28 Day Supply of Perlabella PureDose Pearls – Retinal Face: Here we are at the beginning of the summer, but many of us are already battling the results of sun damages from summers gone by.
Perlabella PureDose Pearls offer the highest dose of anti-aging ingredients available over the counter. A 28 day supply – which you can win here! – is available at Walgreen’s for $19.99. For more information about this product or the complete line from Perlabella visit
Written by: Amy Lupold Bair

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