Our Lunchables Experience!

During my freshman year of college, I decided to take a job at a nearby private elementary school. Every Friday I joined the “after care” students from lunch until six p.m. The students who were not able to take advantage of the half day Fridays were required to bring their own lunch, and thus began my introduction to Lunchables!

To my eighteen year old, salad loving eyes, these little plastic trays with ingredients for cold pizza and ham sandwiches on crackers turned my stomach. The kids devoured them like tiny, edible treasures, and those who were fortunate enough to have the pizza lunchables were the heroes of the day. I vowed then and there that Lunchables were not for me!

Fast forward 13 years to my first days of packing my own child’s elementary lunch, and what is in my fridge to try? Lunchables. Not only have I changed considerably in the last decade plus, but so has this lunch time staple. The new Lunchables are more wholesome than their predecessors, yet still have many of the same fun choices…including those pizzas (which can be heated, by the way).
  • Pizza crusts are made with whole grain.
  • Bottles of spring water nestle next to…
  • Applesauce cups!
  • Oven-roasted turkey breast!
  • Sugar free Jello cups!

When my daughter took a look at her Lunchables, she jumped for joy and giggled with glee…especially at the pizza. In reality, she asks me to disassemble the kits, make her sandwiches for her ahead of time, and she sometimes likes me to use cheese from our refrigerator. Regardless of Emma’s unique way of eating Lunchables, she certainly enjoys them, and I feel great about the wholesome choices available to us. Would it be a better time-saving option if she actually made her own Lunchables lunches at school like the rest of the kids? Sure! But I have to admit…it’s nice to finally be able to stack my own cheese and cracker Lunchables sandwich after all those years…

Thank you to Lunchables for providing a variety of the current Lunchables wholesome options to try.

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