Living Font: Watch for God

The other morning while I was quickly getting ready to rush off to something with the kids, I noticed that my daughter had placed this bracelet on my bathroom counter.  During Vacation Bible School this summer, each child was given a blue “Watch for God” bracelet and asked to do just that throughout their day.  I remember thinking at the time what a great idea it was to focus the kids on signs of God and God’s love all around them…but it didn’t dawn on me that perhaps all the moms standing in the back of the sanctuary – keys in hand, babies on hips, Blackberries buzzing with the next appointment reminder – should each receive a bracelet as well.  How many times in our day do we stop for a moment and notice God’s presence?

Most of us have seen the Liberty Mutual commercial where people find inspiration in random acts of kindness either observed or shown to them personally.  Suddenly, they view the world through a fresh set of eyes.  There is more kindness, charity, happiness, love.  I can’t help but wonder what would happen in our lives if we watched for God throughout our days.  Would everything we see be changed?

This week consider taking the time as you move from home to work, from meeting to meeting, from bus stop to welcoming your spouse home for dinner to watch for God – for his love, for his beauty, for his grace.  What will you see?

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  • JoeyfromSC

    That’s a neat bracelet..I remember when the W.W.J.D. ones were so popular….Thanks for reminding me to reflect on God and the good in my life…We all tend to get so busy that we forget..I do believe in “god’s whisper” though…You just have to listen:)

  • Love it – this is exactly what we’re talking about today with the church service sparking some interesting family conversations. Loved connecting with you earlier. ((hugs))

  • Barbara C

    Beautiful post, Amy. Thank you for the reminder.