Living in a Coupon Cave

There was a very small window of my life where I was great about using coupons. My mom would show up at my house with a baggie filled with coupons for things like Suave shampoo and Pampers Pull-Ups, and I would proudly march into Target or Walmart armed with my little paper arsenal.

My best guess would be this habit lasted about 6 months…9 tops.
I consider myself “on top of things” if I remember to take along the shopping list, so remembering to a.) find coupons and b.) use them has just been too much for me. I’m frugal in my spending in other ways, so because for the most part I already buy the lowest priced items, I haven’t worried too much about coupons.
But have you noticed the coupon mania in the blogosphere? There are women whose pantries are stocked with items they got for free. FREE (really). My brother has always been a couponing genius and has actually had stores pay him to take items. All of this has not been sufficient motivation to get me couponing, but today I found a site through Freebies 4 Mom that I really like. Apparently all it took to get me couponing again was a fun download and a couple of cute graphics. shows you the printable coupons that are available in your geographic region and then allows you to “clip” them by checking a box. When you are finished browsing around the coupons, you simply click on print, and the software will organize all of your coupons on a printable sheet for you to print, cut, and use.

The best feature: The Hasbro Savings Center – Click on this sidebar button to find savings on popular Hasbro games such as Scrabble Diamond edition and the game Pictureka! This will be the first place I go from now on when my kids receive a birthday party invitation.
A Full Cup: A couple of months ago I introduced you to A Full Cup and some if its great new features. This site also has wonderful printable coupons and lists great deals including Amazon price drops.
The best feature: The Target Coupon Generator. Life with a 3 and 5 year old dictates that we must go to Target at least every other week. I’m fairly sure that this is state law, if not Federal. Why not head over to the Target Coupon Generator first, find the items you’re planning to purchase, and print out a Target coupon? It’s so easy that I actually do it!

Retail Me Not: Retail Me Not provides over 90,000 printable coupons that you can search by either zip code or key word. However, they also provide coupon codes for online purchases.

The best feature: I do not buy anything online – not even a URL from Go Daddy – without first searching for a coupon code. I have rarely paid full price for an online purchase. Retail Me Not makes searching for these coupon codes simple making this site worth a visit. is a beautiful site – always a nice bonus – where you can do everything from signing up to receive discount news as it hits to actually including your own store to increase traffic and exposure. What’s incredibly unique about this site is that if you find and share coupons, you can actually make money when others choose to use those coupons. To find current deals, sign up, or watch the video tutorial, head to
What coupon or money saving sites are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
Written by: Amy

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