Let’s Do Lunch!

(photo credit: Tiffany Washko)
Last week I began my new job of short order lunch cook to a kindergartner. I’ve served my daughter lunch almost daily for the past five and a half years – including three days a week last year in a lunchbox for pre-school – but this year the gauntlet seems to have been thrown down. Suddenly the three standard choices in our house of PBJ, cheese sandwich, or yogurt do not seem to be enough!

Part of this stems from the inspiration I received while attending the Sara Lee Nutrition Summit last month. While I don’t expect Emma to suddenly begin to want exotic foods and elaborate meals in her lunchbox, I do think it’s time for me to make a more concerted effort to offer a variety of healthy foods.

This week I’ll be sharing a variety of tips and giving away some of the products Emma tried last week during her first week of school. The week of posts will culminate in this Friday’s SiteWarming for Lunchables, now available in new wholesome varieties!

So let’s do lunch!

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