Learning Resources’ Botley Review, Is it Worth the Investment?

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I mean, don’t those smiles tell it all?!

Meet my borrowed family, Ben, Julie, and Micah. They were kind enough to help me test and review Botley, the coding robot. We had a ton of fun learning how to program Botley to carry out the various tasks we imagined. Botley can perform a number of different scenarios by simply sending him a bit of code!

Botley is an educational toy by Learning Resources that introduces children as young as 5 years old to the world of coding. There is a big push to expose our children to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM, for short) to help generate interest in these fields as future career choices. More and more we depend on technology throughout our daily lives, understanding it early on will help future generations in the workforce.

Using imaginative play, Botley does just that, in a fun and engaging way! My friend Jenni (and the mom to these adorable children) was impressed right away by how interactive and engaging Botley is across the multiple ages of her children.

I do like when something like this can be cooperatively done with multiple ages. I think that works for moms. I didn’t help them at all, I had the ability to give them the box and they took it out, read the directions, and played with it.

While everyone enjoyed playing with Botley, it is best suited for children between the ages of 5-9, is 100% screen free, and includes a 77 piece activity set!

Benjamin had a fun time learning and teaching his younger brother a few coding tips, but at 12 years old he is already engaged in coding activities on a more advanced level. Ben shared that he is planning to code his own video game for an upcoming school science fair project!

It’s educational toys like Botley that inspire and challenge young minds to continue to learn and explore new possibilities.

The following video demonstrates Botley in action!

As you can see, the kids loved using their imaginations to come up with different activities for Botley, then figure out the code to bring each scenario to life. Botley kept us entertained for hours, as well as provided lots of fun while applying critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We picked up our Learning Resources’ Botley Coding Robot at Walmart using the $15 Ibotta rebate available in stores now. This is a perfect time to save on some early holiday shopping!

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We highly recommend Botley for others who are excited about combining learning and play. It is worth the investment to be able to watch our children play with an interactive toy that stimulates imagination, inspires creativity, and teaches necessary problem solving skills, all at the same time.

Written by: Amy

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