You Know You’re a Mom If…

As we kick off the summer, I’m bringing back an old favorite…

  1. You’ve ever used a silly band as a ponytail holder…in your own hair.
  2. You’ve built a fort despite the fact that it’s 2011 and you’re not colonizing a new land.
  3. You’ve not only stacked the plates when finished with a meal at a restaurant, but you’ve brushed the crumbs into a pile.
  4. You’ve ever used saliva as a cleaning agent.
  5. You’ve fallen asleep on the job.
  6. You’ve ever cheered because someone has peed in a toilet.
  7. You’ve sung songs with completely made up words, often with the purpose of convincing a child to do something (poop, pee, sleep, stop crying…) ((see also: number 6))
  8. You occasionally eat PBJ for lunch, even if you’re alone in the house.
  9. You sleep in jammies, not pajamas and certainly not lingerie.
  10. You’ve used, “Oh Pickles!” as a swear even when the kids are not around.
  11. You are not in any of your own vacation photos.
  12. You’ve got tiny fingerprints all over your touchscreen anything.
  13. You’ve ever used giving birth as an excuse for your appearance/weight/headache/the weather.
  14. You’ve shown people pictures of your stomach – both inside and out – intentionally.
  15. You can’t remember the last time you ate dinner without cutting food on someone else’s plate.
  16. You’ve accidentally cut the food on your husband’s plate.
  17. You think the first day of school is both the happiest and the saddest day of the year.
  18. You think the first day of summer is both the happiest and saddest day of the year.
  19. You’ve completely forgotten what people without kids do for fun.
  20. You’ve both laughed and cried while reading this list.
Written by: Amy

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