KaZAM Bike Review and Giveaway

I am not a terribly athletic person and I am the first to admit that my children have earned their awkwardness from my side of the family as much as from my husband’s side. But the fact that I was never going to letter in anything other than band does not change this fact:

I loved my bike.

I still remember my first two-wheeler. It was an orange Huffy with a banana seat and a white basket with plastic flowers. It was also my freedom. I grew up on the main street of a small town, and my best friend and I spent many summer days riding up and down the back street of town, stopping at the gas station for a pack of bubble gum, or saying hi to other friends. When we bought our cul-de-sac home in the suburbs, I had visions of my children flying around our circle on their own bikes. In reality, my six year old daughter has not taken to bike riding like I expected and relies very much on her training wheels to feel secure.

I was beginning to wonder what to do to help my children find their balance when I received an e-mail from the folks at KaZAM. The KaZAM bike follows a “balance first, pedal next” philosophy, which I first learned about when Emma was a baby. An acquaintance who is a serious bike enthusiast chose to get a pedal free bike for her son rather than purchase a two-wheeler with training wheels. Many of you may also have seen an episode of Sesame Street where Grover travels to The Netherlands and learns about bicycles without pedals. I’ve been to Amsterdam and have never seen so many people riding bicycles – clearly they know something about learning to ride a bike that I do not.

What does all of this mean? It means that I was more than willing to give the KaZAM a try and to hold a giveaway so that one of you can try the KaZAM as well!

More about the KaZAM bike:
  • The KaZAM bike is the only run bike on the market designed with a foot rest.
  • Children maintain a center of balance on the KaZAM similar to a bike with pedals.
  • The KaZAM is for children three years and up weighing no more than 55 pounds.

To learn everything there is to know about KaZAM check out http://www.kazambikes.com/.

Our experience: We are in the process of using the KaZAM to get our three year old started in his biking journey and to take our six year old a step backward in the process and focus on balance. It is a little bit frustrating when they’re with other kids on bikes and scooters because they aren’t proficient yet in the gliding. I know that this will get better as the spring and then summer continues, and I look forward to watching their growth with the KaZAM. (this bike was given to us to review by the manufacturer)

Your chance to win: This contest is open to U.S. residents (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) and winner will have their choice of blue, red, green, or pink bike. This contest ends Sunday, April 11th at 11:59 p.m. ET. To enter follow these steps:

Step 1: Leave a comment to this post telling me why you’d like the KaZAM! – required

Bonus Options: Take any or all of the following steps and leave a separate comment each time.

Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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